Oldest cells?

I bought ten of these 4000mAh NiCd cells in 1984. Some of them still work. Here's one that is still in use - its internal resistance is a lot higher now so it'll only give 12amps or so when shorted these days -used to be about 50. It gives me about 4,200 measured mAh even 25 years on. The magnet thing it is hanging from is very handy for charging stuff. I own quite a few of them.

I think Photobucket is having a bad day. The image show hideous artefacts and wasn't nearly that bad originally - wonder if they've archived it and have dredged up a thumbnail. It took an inordinately long time to display.

It looks as if the pic was smaller and resized to fit the screen......kind of blurry.

LoL Robin Dobbie, you did the oldest thread necromancy I've ever seen. 10.5+ years!

Seriously, check the date of the posts.

Intending to do some electroplating, got these babies near Ctesiphon around 200BC for a camel rug and a cat. Carthage was sacked and I lost nearly everything, so I never got to that electroplating. But they still hold charge, 1.1V.

I have two Sanyo 18650s (2300 mAh) and I bought them ten years ago. They still charge just fine!


I have 13 years old A123 lifepo 26650 cells, still in my car flashlight working :slight_smile: About 85% capacity left.

i always just use imgur, easy and simple, has all the features i need, and you can literally copy and paste straight from a messenger without saving the pic to your computer