OLED Programable Soldering Iron? TS100 from BG

In my search for a portable compact soldering iron that I can take with me to work, I found this futuristic looking device that resembles a smart writing pen, with buttons, OLED screen and micro USB port.

I’ve never seen anything like this before, and right know I’m really tempted to order it. Reading several reviews and videos it seems to perform well and heats up up to 400c with replacement tips available.

What I know so far, the basic function of this iron: it takes DC power ranging 12-24V and works with laptop chargers and even DIY lipo/li-ion packs. OLED screen displays remperature set by the two buttons, and heating curve can be programmed via micro usb connection. It also uses a movement sensor to detect resting/working position and adjusts the temperature.

The price is steep at $55, but maybe If enough people are interested perhaps we can arrange a GB with M4D M4X?


Unbox video from youtube


I would want the short time and a 24 watt power supply. I am not sure it would solder to a pill unless you had the 24 watt power supply. They look like really nice, easy to handle units. They look a bit fragile to me as well. That is what has kept me from dropping big buxs on it.

If the price came down some, I would be much more interested.

Not impressed by the grip at all. Not ergonomic and just hard slippery plastic. The length from the tip to grip seems too long for precision work. The programmable temperature “curves” is a gimmick, it’s a soldering iron not a reflow oven. Temperature wise, it just needs to heat fast / recover fast and keep accurate temperature. No curves to program.

They make the Schematic and Source Code available. That makes it interesting. Though I don’t have the experience to determine if there are any problems in the schematic.

Have you looked at the Hakko fx-600 or 601? Those are portable compact soldering irons. You can get one for $40 on amazon.
Also there is this compact digital iron for $34 on amazon. Uses very common hakko 900M size tips, a major plus. Tips are available all over, from genuine Hakko quality tips to junk chinese 70 cent tips on ebay.