Olight 18650 battery

!! Just to ask sth about my olight 18650 battery was included in my olight h2r nova headlamp.

I have noticed the following on battery:

“only charge this battery inside the product”



I don't charge batteries in flashlights if possible.

That's a pretty scary warning.

Makes me not want to buy Olight batteries/flashlights.

The battery is a proprietary design with both positive and negative being at the same end, making it not possible to use a standard charger, and only using the onboard charging.

What does the top of the cell look like?

EDIT: Nevermind. I think I found it. There is a metal ring on top, surrounding the button.

But why do they still put the (+) marking on one end and (-) on the opposite end? This is confusing.

yes dont charge those batteries outside, u might short the battery its not designed for external charging.


This is the battery

So i am wondering if i can put also another high drain battery in my h2r

By chance , does OLIGHT sell these batteries/cells individually ? If they do , is this “inside only charging” notification
listed/shown someplace other then on the batteries ? Like in the sale ad or on the cell packaging ? What about resellers ?
Just a thought , since this was posted.

Just found from official site that this battery is :
Olight customised 18650 3000mAh

The answer below

Question from Marben Silva - 16/11/2018

- Hi, i have the Olight H2r Nova and i want to buy an extra battery. Is this the only 18650 compatible with the H2R? Or Can i get other olight 18650 batteries?

OLIGHT answer:

H2R requires the battery can have a discharging current of 8A . if the 18650 battery doesn’t have such big discharging current, the light can’t be turn to Turbo . And if you use your any other 18650 battery, you can’t charge the battery via the light.

i think this is the explanation

the extra ring on top is only for magnetic charging and is the minus terminal

It is a protected battery, with the same polarity contacts as a normal battery. But, it also has an exposed negative contact area around the positive button contact, isolated by a plastic collar ring, to allow single end charging. Typically this area is covered by the wrapper and a flat paper ring to hide the negative portion by the positive button.


yea man they do sell spare batteries on their website



I see. Thanks.

I have a few that are 3 years old and they don’t have that warning. I have a Folomov A1 magnetic USB charger and I sometimes use it to charge the Olight batteries. The negative contact on the positive end is recessed enough where it should go into most chargers without problems. With the A1 charger if you’re not careful you can get little sparks. But if you just put the positive magnet off center so it is touching the positive post and the wrap it works fine.

A button top Samsung 30Q, works fine in both my H2R’s.
It just won’t charge them from the light.
I may be wrong, but I think that is what the Olight battery actually is, a customized 30Q.

Yes, wrestling the cell into an external charger, it would be awful easy to hold it at an awkward angle so the metal contact of the charger slot bridges the plus and minus points on the battery, and snap crackle pop.

Also awful easy to short it in a pocket since there is such a small gap at the end of the cell. Keys? coin? BOOM.

I never noticed the warning, I charge my 18650 customised batteries in my Xtar charger! There is still a negative terminal at the opposite end to the combined +/- terminals, which I guess is why a standard charger works.

All the more reason to stay away from Olight nonsense.

I have several Olight products, all are high quality and reliable. Earlier this year my H2R developed a small fault and Olight replaced the torch, complete with another customised 18650. I’m very happy with their torches, they are as good as my Fenix and Klarus lights.