Olight aux LED mod

I don’t like Olight. They sell overpriced flashlights with proprietary batteries and cool white, low CRI LEDs. Also they are not really mod friendly because of glue, potting and press-fitted bezels. And there are even more reasons why I don’t buy Olight products.

A few weeks ago the S1R Baton II was available for a reduced price during Cyber Monday sale on Amazon. There was also a coupon that was valid at the same time. Long story short: I ordered the Olight S1R Baton II for only 20 €. First with the intention to sell it (for a slightly higher price), but then I noticed that many other people had the same idea: eBay and classified sites are full of these Olight products (“original, sealed packaging” for original full price). Well, now I have this flashlight that I don’t want, what can I do with it?

A few words about this flashlight (and most other flashlights from Olight): One of its features is the magnetic charging system (which is quite nice, but not as convenient as a USB charging port). This is also the reason why Olight requires proprietary batteries which have both negative and positive contacts on the same side. While some models have the unique feature of a firestarter, most models have a protection circuit that limits the current of the exposed contacts (in the case of the S1R Baton II the current is limited to something between 1.5 and 2 mA).

This brings us to my idea: We have a 2 mA constant current source, exposed contacts and a magnetic tail. What could you possibly do with this… Of course: Aux LEDs!

First I riveted a metal washer to a perfboard using a hammer and small pins. This is much stronger than glue and also creates a via to the other side of the perfboard. Then I soldered two red SMD LEDs to the board. They are connected in parallel between the rivets and a tiny spring in the middle. The center is negative. To protect the LEDs and hide the conductive parts I glued a piece of thick plastic with two holes and a hollow inside to the board.

This aux LED board has several interesting features:

  • Simple user interface: To turn it on just stick it to the end of the flashlight, to turn it off just remove it.
  • Fully regulated: The current source is fully regulated and the low Vf of the red LEDs allows them to run until the LVP of the battery kicks in.
  • Adjustable: Don’t like red? Use green LEDs! You can simply replace the module to get a different experience! You can even use an ultra low power microcontroller to do fancy stuff!
  • Inexpensive: I’ve spent less than $1 for this project and only some basic tools.

It’s not pretty, it’s not really practical. This is just a prototype and only for the fun. But it might be the beginning of very interesting projects with modular flashlights.

Btw: This is also the reason why you shouldn’t stick the flashlight to a metal surface while it is not in use. It will slowly drain the battery (probably negligible while the main LED is switched on). It would have helped to lower the center contact one or two millimeters.

I want one! Very cool!

Great mod! I like that, I always wondered why no one had made a cover for Olights charging contacts

I own a lot of lights and a lot of batteries. I’ve only had 3 Li-Ion cells fail, and all 3 are really old and developed corrosion around the positive anode, which I assume was caused by slow leaks. I do have a few more factory cells that came with new lights that have crappy protection circuits that failed, or never worked correctly, but I just remove the circuit and re-wrap the cells.
My point is, I don’t see the proprietary cells as an issue. I fully expect the Olight batteries to last beyond the point where I have purchased newer, brighter lights with better UI, LEDs, etc.
And I love the magnetic chargers on Olight.

Great idea!
Excellent location device, should you drop it in the dark.
And as small as the S1RII is, it would be easy to lose.

You made yourself a very innovative accessory, for the Olight magnetic charging tail cap.

You might want to patent it, and get it to market, before Olight, or someone else markets their own.

If it were encapsulated in plastic, and sold at a reasonable price. I would certainly purchase a few of them for my Olights.

I have the S1RII, S2RII, Seeker2 and Pro, M2R and M2R Pro, H1R and H2R, BALDR Pro, and now the Peron.
While I agree with you on proprietary batteries, the Olight magnetic charging system is better than a USB port, IMHO.

Everyone has seen broken USB ports, on cell phones. On any light using 18650 or better, that mass has a high likely hood of breaking the port, should it be dropped while charging. And it adds another water leakage point.

The magnetic charging alleviates that problem. Plus, you can utilize portable power banks, to augment internal battery capacity, while using the light.
I can extend the run times on both my H1R and H2R, by having it charging from one, in my shirt pocket, while using the light on my head.

That also be applies to using any magnet charged Olight, for ANY application, should you need to extend your run time.

That benefit alone, entices me to purchase another proprietary Olight battery, should I need it.

And I don’t have to worry about breaking the USB charging port while doing so. That’s if you can even charge from a USB port, while using a USB charged light.

You can “have your cake and eat it too”, if you buy an M2R. It allows you to use AND charge, ANY button or flat top, 10amp 18650 battery, from it’s magnetic charger. No proprietary batteries needed, buy a $4 LG MJ1, and you’re good. Otherwise all my other Olights will function, with almost any non-Olight, button top battery. The just won’t charge it from the magnetic port, like the M2R will.

That’s why I purchased two more M2R Warriors, for $58 each, on their recent 2hour flash sale.

When you add in the M2R’s ability to also utilize the M2R/Warrior/M2R Pro magnetic weapon switch, or M2R/M2T weapon switch tail cap, it makes it the most versatile light, Olight has ever produced.

That is just my long winded way of saying, I think the Olight magnetic charging system, is a game changer. Especially for the M2R Warrior.

The only Olight that I own, that will not function without an Olight proprietary battery, is the new M2R Pro. Great light, but I will never buy another Olight product, that locks me into using ONLY their battery.

Read my thread, “Peron:The Olight Bait&Switch Light”, in the HEAD LAMP section, to see my opinion on the Olight Peron product release “switcheroo”, they pulled on the public. AKA, now you see my “hands-free” on/off function, now you don’t.

Note: I have never purchased any Olight at MSRP. While I think they are a quality product, I don’t think they are worth the MSRP.
But most of their products are a bargain, during their many Flash Sales.