Olight charity sale and more.

I looked for a post about this but could not find one.
January 31-Feb 2 you can buy a i5T EOS for $22.46 and all the money goes to help people in Wu Han. I purchased one a little past midnight this morning. Olight has other items on sale for a few more hours. Please take a look.

if only it also took a 14500, id get one…but no use for a single AA light

I’ve been a fan of Olight since I bought that Olight i6 from Wallbuys in 2013, it is still a great light.

I can’t set any other country than USA in my address settings. Pity.

Its in the Olight Uk shop, they may ship to Poland?

Thanks. Unfortunately they ship only UK and IRE. Polish representative stores not have that charity sale.

NL also has NO real Olightstore. Dutch imports go via Adola trading house that carries many brands (A-brands & others). They don’sell any of those themselves. It’s a way of making money.
Au contraire, if you are a retailer and want to sell Olight, you have to accept taking a large stock of other brands. And as you have guessed, the total business risc lies with the retailers.
Olightstore NL (Adola) NEVER gets involved in any coupons, discounts or sales.

But they do have exclusive rights: Olight-stores and -importers are not allowed to ship to NL. That’s why NL or Poland never pop’s up as a shipping address in Olightstore DE and UK.

Very nice gesture of them, which should add up to a sizeable donation.

Nkon.nl sells olight, ask them to bring in some models if u want to buy ? it sucks olight cant have a store for all EU customers…. local is just lame and unfair usa gets all the nice deals since all lights come from china anways…… i will never understand this :confused:

Im a big olight fan but the so called deals for mostly usa people makes me sick… I could understand if olight made their lights inhouse in their own factories in usa like many usa knife brands do,

I put an NW XML2 in my i6 and still use it all the time!

Of course Nkon sells Olight, as do quite a few other retailers. So if I wanna buy Olight, I can. But the point is that if a special occasion occurs, like this one, this trading company steps out. If the brand Olight wants to do something for charity, it is the retailer that has to pay. The trading company always keeps it’s margins. Unless nobody buys Olight anymore.

yheah sadly :frowning: i hope this changes maybe oneday…

Deal ends in 11 hours!!

Just picked up two.

It is for a good cause and these are great, 300 lumens vs the last 180 lumen model, plus some handsome blue knurling,

Also, limited edition. It will be discontinued after this sale!

And a little bit brighter with the Energizer L91 Lithium battery.


My regret is that I only purchased one because this model is quite nice.

Get better soon people in China.

Olight posted:

thats alot of money.