OLight i1 Eos $22 [Australia Only] / Sydney

Not sure how cheap this is but couldn’t find any cheaper. It’s the OLight i1Eos priced on clearance for $22
I believe pickup may be available from Sydney but the site says postage starts at $4.40


I bought one. Good little light. Guy threw in an extra battery. It does have a ‘green tinge’ but it’s perfectly fine.

Looks like a good price, I wish these small companies would add a shopping cart & paypal.
Lightake have them for $42 AUD

His customer service is great if you want to just call or email to place the order. Good bloke. Had a bunch of torches on the counter and knew his stuff.

Been considering a CR123A like this one, but bought my quote of torches recently so I’ll need to pass. Looks a great deal though. Thanks for posting aoeu

Probably my favourite light, and definitely my most used. It’s my EDC, hangs on my keychain, and is used at least once daily. It also tailstands well, which is fantastic. Got mine for $20 during one of the Wallbuys sales :smiley: