Olight i3T EOS Cu -- a ravishing 1xAAA Copper ( CLOSED )

The i3T comes on on low (5-lumen and a second press of the tail switch changes to high (180-lumen).

The tail switch provides momentary ON - (IMO, one of the best feature of any EDC-sized light), and a TIR lens for a smooth beam.

This beautiful Cu light is now available for order and ready-to-ship.

Just post in this thread to ask for a code.

Check this link for complete details: HERE

Please my I have the code


I have ordered one, thanks.

Whoooaaaa…that was really fast!

Code me up please


I don’t hang around :slight_smile:


please could I have a code pretty please? pretty please with sugar on top!!!

Sugar plus honey on top incoming via pm…

Code please :smiley:

Thanks! Order made, can’t wait.

Gimmi the code. Please?

Send me the code please.

Im curious on code details and price. PM please

Interested. Thank you1

Interested. Beam it up…

Code pls. Might check that one out if price is right