Olight Javelot M2X-UT Review *Pic Heavy* ---===11/19/14 Updates===--- Dual Power Supply Capability

Thanks for the reviews & pics!

I have lighting to provide for Rednecks that plant flags on mountain tops. Who's got time for sleeping? And I imbibe in the delicacies of Ethiopia... :bigsmile:

Thanks for taking the time to do this! It was helpful and enjoyable to read it and see the light apart and with beams blazing!

I think I know the answer to this but I will ask anyway!

If you take the cigar ring OFF,are the ORINGS exposed like they are in the M22?


I’ve been tryin’ to ignore this light, and then somebody has to go do a review,… with pictures,… lots of pretty pics… thanks alot man.

Excellent review, just like you are a pro.

We all know how timid you are with that soldering iron… I wonder 3 amps with a dedomed XPG-2 on copper, probably not worth the effort, but you never know.

Great review, Dale, especially for your first! Really nice light too! I love it when the reflector fulls all space in the head with a super thin bezel. Very sexy!

Thank you very much! :)

Definitely nice review..and yes, full reviews, especially including runtimes,comparisons etc take a loooong time. Thanks for your hard work.

But your pictures are superb. Love the details. And you've given all details most people like to know about a thrower!

And last but not least your review was online way before I thought someone would be able to finish this review.

Great work

Awesome review Dale. This light looks to be pretty potent right out of the box. I like it.

Surprise! :)

With an R056 sense resistor stacked on top of the 2 R050 it came with, it now makes 3.56A for 1066 lumens, 1018 at 30 seconds. De-domed, that ain't so shabby. 972.63M is pretty respectable, as is 236.5Kcd.

Maybe some day I'll get tired of that and shoot for 6 or 7A with a new driver. See what it can really do. But for now, this is really nice. :)

(Y'all know dang good and well I'm chompin at the bit to get the boards in for wights new single sided driver, eyeballing this beauty hard, why else would I have put 18Ga wires in it? :P)

Do you think it has the same reflector as sr52? Because the amps to lux ratio sounds about the same

I don't know, I am not familiar with the sr52.

Seems like I read somewhere a while back that the ideal parabolic shape for an LED is a square ratio, or 1:1...as high as it is wide. I don't see em done that way though, and this one is no exception. At ~59x40 it's pretty far off the mark on that score. But, nonetheless, it does indeed have nice throw. And no ringy artifacts. I was looking at the beamshots and it seems remarkably clear of any artifacts at all. There's a donut hole out to about 16-18", then that closes and the beam seems to be tubular, like in the big head Courui. Other large diameter reflectored lights seem to have a convergence zone, or an "X" shape to the beam profile. The focus is at a fixed point in space with those then it widens out. This one seems pretty straight, almost laser like, albeit larger in diameter of course.

I have another light I want to get a beamshot on tonight, I'll take this one back out and see if I can determine some specifics on the focal point of the lens. However it works out, it's a nice one.

COULD you describe the tint?

Never mind,i found your comment about it


Excellent review! thanks for sharing…

Now, I wonder why so many Kcds ( 194kcd) with a led dedome but powered only at 3A ? :open_mouth:

By the measures of reflector I see very similar of Small sun Zy-t13/08/HD2010 is so? And I see these flashlight s with extreme/heavy mod and are between 200kcd with the same led dedome but working a lot more current :frowning: may be due to this?

I was looking forward to a review of this light, but I didn’t know it came out from someone so quick! Thank you Dale.

Driven at 3.56A already putting out 237kcd, showing how much of potential this light got. Driven at 5A and above will surely enters the 250kcd (1km) realm!

I have spent the evening working hard, and learned something that has been present and a PITA before now but it just hit home.

Cree's new emitters are indeed coming out with higher forward voltage. Including this one. This is why it's making decent output at lower amperage. I now have this Olight doing 264Kcd for 1027.62M. But it's only pulling 4.34A. Blew me away, the low amperage. I'm accustomed to the FET drivers on a C5 pulling over 6A, even close to 7A. I've built an Eagle Eye X6 that did 6.64A and 1800 lumens before de-doming, 1618 after de-doming. This one is making 1197 lumens. I'm shocked, stunned, and also somewhat pleasantly surprised at the beam this bad boy is making. I was expecting more, but what it has is pretty impressive, even if it's doing it with new numbers.

At 4.34A, it's got 3.89Vf. Things are changing, and the big Kcd numbers are going to be much more difficult to obtain. The big brother to this Javelot, my SR-90 Intimidator, is making 610Kcd, with rested cells that haven't been charged in months. From a de-domed XM-L2 U2 1A.

I'm extremely tempted to dig through my kit and find an older emitter, swap it out. But dang if I'm not tired right now... :P

264kcd with light in this size is really good.

With these newer batch of emitters although they increase the Vf of the emitters but at the same time the emitters require lesser current to it to achieve the same output, meaning less battery voltage sag.

And I just got some provenance on that issue. I swapped in an older XM-L2 U2 1A de-domed. The light now pulls much higher amperage, and makes more lumens, lux and throw. But it's not as significant a gain as the amperage would suggest.

Tentatively, the emitter swap took this light from 4.34A to 6.03A. Lumens went from 1197 to 1435. Lux from 264 to 278.75Kcd and throw from 1027.62M to 1055.94M.

So, yes, the older emitters do make higher numbers, but with a cost of burning considerably more power and making more heat.

What a wonderful review!

Mods at the end of reviews are always nice to see.


So your standpoint is more valid. :slight_smile: The increased Vf of newer emitters can’t overcome the performance of the older emitters with higher current draw ability.

thanks for the review!