Olight Javelot M2X-UT Review *Pic Heavy* ---===11/19/14 Updates===--- Dual Power Supply Capability

Olight Javelot M2X-UT

Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★★★★


Battery: 18650, 2x CR123A w/adapter sleeve
Switch: Tail Clicky w/head twist
Modes: L-M-H at Head/ L-H-Strobe at Clicky
LED Type: Cree XM-L2 Factory De-Domed
Lens: AR Coated glass coated 2 sides
Tailstands: Yes
Price Paid: Listed at $119.95
From: Banggood.com
Date Ordered:


  • First Factory De-domed flashlight featuring Cree XM-L2
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Outstanding Anodizing
  • AR glass lens coated 2 sides
  • Large Diameter very thick Copper mcpcb
  • Tactical grip
  • Tail stands
  • Tail clicky affords tactical mode settings
  • Fantastic throw right out of the box


  • Head twist for standard modes is a 2 handed operation
  • Tactical grip is not fixed, could provide assist for head twist
  • No extra o-rings provided....I now understand that this review light didn't come with the standard accessories. Will inform what those are when I find out specifics.
  • *Accessories are to include spare O-rings, lanyard, holster, and CR-123A adapter sleeve

Features / Value: ★★★★

We've grown to expect high quality builds and finishes from Olight, and this light is no exception. Fit and finish is superb, anodizing is the typical flat black found with HAIII coatings. The design is very nice on this Javelot, with an almost futuristic ray gun approach to the heat dispersing fins. These fins are, however, located in precisely the right place to aid in rapid heat dispersion and also serve as a finger stop when holding by the grooved portion obviously designed to aid in the twisting of the head for standard L-M-H modes.

The Javelot MX2-UT comes in a decent brown box, padded with sheets of foam wrap. Not the typical depleted bubble wrap but a much higher grade white foam sheet material. The light came with no dents, dings, or scratches.

Size comparison with some of it's direct competitors...Left to Right The Olight M2X-UT, Tangsfire TS2010, Courui D01, SupBeam K50

Side by side with the 2010

Notice how the appearance differs on the business end due to the much thinner bezel...

Design / Build Quality: ★★★★★

Design on this light is unique. Futuristic even, and may not appeal to everyone. But it's strong suit is that Olight did the legwork for us, initially. As far as I know, this is the first factory de-domed Cree XM-L2 U2 light. And it's done very cleanly!

Notice here that the bezel is unusually thin, allowing for the largest possible diameter reflector. Also note the invisible AR coated glass lens. Even though this light is similar to the legendary HD2010, and the head diameter is almost exactly the same, the reflector is significantly larger in diameter and really shows when looking at the business end of this light! Well done Olight, very nice touch!

A closer look at the factory de-dome. Yes, the beam color does show that it's de-domed, but it's one of the more subtle de-domed tint changes I've seen. There will be beamshots at the end of this review in my standard format that many of you might already be accustomed to, involving the red oil drum. ;)

The overall size and fit in the hand is very nice. With the large block portions for grip as well as the tactical ring I don't expect this one to have any issues with slippage in use. I wish the tactical ring were in a fixed position or threaded on tight, but it rotates freely, albeit not loosely.

Following are some pics showing normal measurements. I'll have to come back with the diameter of the large copper star, as I got distracted by a hungry 7 yr old at that point and forgot. Sorry.

My cheap digital caliper only goes to 6". This light is a claimed 6 1/2" long

The tailcap off and easily removable tactical ring. The tactical ring is also hard anodized aluminum. Not threaded but retained by the tail cap.

Trying to show the AR lens, but it doesn't like being seen. Notice the depth of the reflector and how the emitter is adjacent to the cooling fins...

Driver diameter is 29.2mm

These measurements were taken first, then the caliper held in close proximation to show the reading

I see now that I also forgot to measure the lens diameter and thickness. My first full fledged review, it shows huh? :P

Lens diameter is 59.3mm, thickness is 1.9mm

Yep, nice thick large diameter chunk of copper! Haven't checked to see if it's DTP yet. Those wires look a little on the small side too, don't they?

Star is 35.6mm diameter, 1.9mm thick copper

Emitter shelf is nicely turned, almost polished but not quite.

Square threads abound, and already greased as well!

O-rings in all the right places. Nice fitment on them as well.No glue on any threads in this light, but the bezel was on so tight I was beginning to think it was glued.

A Samsung 20R sitting down in the tube. Shortest 18650 I have. Works fine. Should also work with a protected cell, I'll dig out my 26700 XTAR Protected and double check.

Protected XTAR 18700 fits just fine, light functions as normal...

Anyone surprised that I stopped where I did? Well, it didn't last long! :) I think the blue stuff means I might not have been supposed to go here...

But of course, my name is Custom...

Which means I don't tend to leave well enough alone...

What have we here? Hmmmm.....

A closer look

The old Steelcraft German made calipers say that the shelf under the emitter is a bit more than 3/16" thick! Wow!

The tail cap has pretty standard fare, admittedly somewhat better done than usual

I wonder how long I'll be able to leave those 2 R050 sense resistors alone? Hmmmm....... :bigsmile:

Battery Life: ☆☆☆☆Unknown at this time

I have power output measurements, but as this light just came in this afternoon I haven't run any lengthy tests to establish battery run time. Should be able to extrapolate according to type of cell an approximation of runtime though from the power levels amperage draw as taken at the tail from my clamp meter.

With a freshly charged Sony VT18650C5 with 2500mAh capacity and at 4.21V I got a current reading of 2.94A on High. I did not take current readings at the lower levels due to the head twisty action to change modes and my clamp meter style of measurement. I only have 2 hands. Will try to get help and get back on the lower levels.

Light Output: ★★★★★

I've got to say that light output is very nice on this one! With the current level at recommended max for the emitter, it's really doing a good job getting the light down range. Well designed reflector as well as very well made and the high quality AR coating on the lens ensure this is true.

On the Box...................My Measurements

High...1020 lumens................904 lumens (866 at 30 seconds)

Med.....250 lumens................300 lumens

Low.......20 lumens..................33 lumens

810M Throw..........................883M Throw

164Kcd..................................194.75Kcd Lux taken at 5M, 30 seconds Throw extrapolated from Lux.

The meter here shows the light on the Samsung 20R cell. The meter is set at the x10 setting, so that's a reading of 2360 or 814 lumens (2360 x .345 = 814.2) Above you can see the output with a freshly charged Sony VT18650C5.

Here the meter is reading 708. This again is on the x10 setting for a meter reading of 7080. Measured at 5M this is 7080 x 25 = 177Kcd on the partially discharged Samsung 20R. After taking the Lightbox reading with the Sony C5, I ran this test again for the 194.75Kcd reading. Throw is extrapolated from the 194.75Kcd for 882.61M.

My standard beamshots are taken with the Canon G1X camera using Manual settings and Manual focus. 1/2 second exposure, f/5.6 at 28mm wide f/5.8 at 112mm zoom, ISO 1600. The red oil drum is 97 yds distant. For distance shots, the white barn is 610 yds from the light. Same settings on the camera.




Hi, zoomed in at 112mm

Distance of 610 yds at 112mm

12X digital zoom

Summary: ★★★★

All in all this is a very nice light. With a superior build quality and outstanding reflector, the factory de-domed XM-L2 is really cranking out the light. If it weren't for the odd way of changing modes, I'd have given this one a 5 star rating all the way through. With the caveat of a yet untested battery run time, I have to say that I give this light a big thumbs up. Highly recommend it!

Thank you Neal at Banggood for providing this light for review. Excellent service, quick delivery, well packaged with extra foam wrapping around the box. Well done!

And now you have my very first official light review! :)


Of course, when taking the star out and measuring it I couldn't pass up the opportunity... replaced the puny wires with 18ga just because. :)

And did spring bypasses top and bottom

Only gained the experience of doing it though, the driver is well regulated and barely flinched with the new monster wires in place... amperage readings taken at the emitter.

Low pulls .06A for 32 lumens

Med pulls .74A for 299 lumens

Hi pulls 2.98A for 935 lumens

Oh well, I know it's the best it can be. :)

UPDATE: 4:07PM 11-18-14

I opened it back up and stacked an R056 resistor on top of the two R050 resistors. This allows 3.56A from the Sony C5 cell for

Low.....46 lumens

Med....416 lumens

High...1066 lumens with 1018 at 30 seconds

Lux is up to 236.5Kcd and throw gained to 972.63M

I've been told that some of the components on this board won't take being pushed too hard. So this should probably do quite well. There's just so much thermal mass in this light, with the extra thick shelf and the massive copper star, I couldn't help myself. :) With it now throwing 1063 yards I think it's good. :) For now...

UPDATE: 11-18-14

I removed the binning and tint numbers that I had posted as I can no longer find verification of this. Olight merely claims Cree XM-L2, without specifying whether U2 or U3 or which tint bin. From my own experience de-doming, this looks to be a 1A, but I can't confirm that from Olight.

At any rate, I've now taken the modifications to the next level...I put an BLF17DD Ver 3.1 FET driver in this one, swapped out the high Vf emitter with an earlier XM-L2 U2 1A that I had de-domed in gasoline and it now pulls 6.37A for 1452 lumens at start on a freshly charged Sony VT C5 cell. At 30 seconds, output is still 1377 lumens. Lux is now 278Kcd with 1055M throw. :) It's potent! Smallish form factor, largish output...exactly my kind of light. ;)

Video of the review, in Video Library format from the G1X

Wonderfully satisfying review! Bravo!

So I think it's safe to say that the dedome wasn't really a dedome, just a "non-dome" right from the factory.

Another great looking Olight.

I think your first review is excellent…way better than my reviews. Nice work, Dale.

The emitter has some dome material under one of the bond wires, so I'm gonna say Olight took the domes off.

Sorry, I had switched to advanced editor to do the review and I don't know how to size a pic like I normally do.

I have a new appreciation for the guys that do reviews. This is grueling schtuff! I've spent some 7 hours getting this done. And missed things.

And my neck hurts. And I'm broke. And still old and maybe even uglier...

Oh wow, well, does that mean the warranty of the LEDs is voided? I wonder how Olight got around that?

Thank you for the review! :beer:

Maybe is the camera settings but that dedomed led got a very nice color, looks like a 2B tint, what is your take on it? Can you compare the beam against a known tint flashlight?

The tint isn't bad, but it's got the characteristic fudging of color typical to a de-domed 1A. Driven at 3A, it's not very noticeable. In lower modes and especially in the lowest mode it has that bit of a green hue to it.

Great review from a great flashlight.Thanks

Good Day Dale,

Great review!

Thank You Very Much,


Thanks Dale for the review. Were you taking pictures with your camera while videoing at the same time? I think my speakers are broken as I only got a very little piece of commentary.

Thanks for the review.

Do you think Olight use the petrol/gas dedome method?

Whatever method it is, it makes me wonder about their fail/success rate.

Very nicely done! Good first or 50th effort! And you have my address in case you need to forward the light to another person who will put it to good use, ‘out in the field’…

Steve, this camera (Canon G1X) has what they call a video library...it takes a short bit of video along with every picture you take, compiling at the end of the day into a video library of the pictures you shot. I just discovered it on the menu as I normally shoot in Manual and RAW, it's pretty neat! Since I don't know exactly when it records as compared to the shutter snapping a picture I didn't even attempt any commentary. Actually didn't know it was picking up sound too at first.

I can see where it'd pay to learn how the video recording coincides with the photo in order to be able to add a few words or whatever. You might look into the menu on your Canon and find the same option.

Consider that a birthday party, a trip to the zoo with the kids, a race...all the photo's shot that day recording in live moving video! I think it's a great idea and am delighted to have found it as an option. It's one thing to see a picture of the de-domed emitter sitting in a nice reflector, but it's a whole different point of view to see a short video as that shot gets lined up, the reflector being moved around for some apparent depth of view.

I do indeed know where South Cove is, wondering though if this Texas light could fare well on cold icy campouts? :P

I'm looking at the driver, wondering if all it's tiny bits and pieces could stand a bump via those 2 sense resistors... I'm not bashful, my soldering iron has stripped greater boards in lieu of a BLF17DD FET driver. :bigsmile: Wouldn't this nice light really SHINE at 6A? Enough modes to give options on battery preservation? And a tightly snugged down battery tube at the head, allowing for the tail clicky to be, once again, king of the power? ;)

I figured out that the driver has 2 ground rings on the battery side. Once is spring loaded inside the collar for constant contact, the other is dependent on the battery tube...it's this inner ring that does the mode changes and it doesn't take much to work it. But it does take keeping the head loose. Makes me wonder about the current coming through ground side with a skinny spring and a loose connection (tube to driver) I always tighten mine down snug for optimal current flow, but then I'm usually driving them for all the cell is worth and squeezing out every last mA.

The switch appears to be a normal switch in every respect, very much resembling the tall square-based switches in a Solarforce light. So all the magic is in the driver, and as you can see in the pics, it's a fairly complicated driver.

It's really pretty amazing how much throw and how laser-like the beam is considering that it's pulling under 3A. I might just have to leave this one stock and marvel at a job well done by Olight. (yeah, I hear some of you snickering in the background) I'll look at it in that context anyway. We'll see if it falls under scrutiny next time I'm bored...

Thanks for a very nice first review containing everything I would want to know :-)

I do not do full reviews anymore because of the time it consumes. Even when I do a summarising small review it takes up all night! and there's always moments during the write-up that I realise that need to take one more photo, one more measurement, one more test

Thanks djozz, and you're exactly right.

And then you mod the light and pretty much start over. :P

Great review!!! Very interesting light that I will have to keep an eye out for if a really good deal/buy can be found on it as I don’t have a single cell 18650 super-thrower in my humble collection just yet.

Oh man I was really hoping to get one of the samples Neil mentioned, I have lots of compariable lights right now and was looking forward to it. I guess that’s a no to my request.

Well thrown together review Dale, I wonder what exact group of people this light is marketed at, it’s got tactical features (hard to accidentally switch modes and the cigar ring) but it doesn’t seem like a very good light overall for tactical use- there’s no spill and it’s way to large to EDC, both things you need in a “tactical” light.

Do you have a rifle mount? I’d like to see how it mounts with the large head, I’d really like to see it in a VLTOR offset scout if you happen to have one of those (what I use on all my long gun’s w/ lights).

It seems like this is mostly a toy, not a lot of spill, not “tactical”, not EDC’able. Maybe some hunting use but the tail spring setup looks pretty puney to hold up to recoil.

quite the laser beam, 7 hours, how do you not fall asleep… :slight_smile: