Olight M22 Warrior $38.89 at Gearbest

Olight M22 Warrior $38.89 at gearbest.com

Not 100% sure but it seems like a good deal.


Update banggood has it for $33.96 with coupon code BGLFC

Be careful. I’ve read complaints about those kinds of ‘deals’ in GB but got replies that the item is out of stock or not available and was offered ‘refund’ but the money goes to their GB ‘wallet’ for future purchase in their site.

Sounds like a new kind of scam, for me.

I would not risk any dollar on this “deal”…
Just my two cents…

Not sure what everyone’s worried about, just make sure you are protected via paypal funded by a credit card when you make the purchase so you’ll have 2 levels of protection. It’s not like gearbest is an unknown retailer. FYI my order has shipped already and should be here soon since I opted for the expedited shipping.


I do not see much potential for scam there. Sure, sometimes overselling do happen at GearBest, and it sure is annoying (takes time). And they do offer to refund to the GB wallet at first, but you can also ask for them to refund back to paypal. If they refuse (I don’t think so), you can just use paypal claim to get your money back.

I bet you cant find much better price for the Olight M22 at the moment (similar price at Banggood too)… but it’s still high enough to keep me wondering if I should buy it or not. For <$30 I would buy it instantly. :smiley:

Waste of time. They advertise a ‘very great deal’ but will tell you next that they product is not available and give you options, which, paypal refund is not included. That’s just wrong. As one mentioned above, it’s switch and bait tactic. They lure buyers with their deals and complete the sale on their end, keep the money, and hold the buyers hostage.

Of course, there is always the paypal dispute option, then again, how many days will it take to resolved it?

Potentially just a lot of headache and wasted time. I had quite a few orders from them and only 1 issue in those orders which was fixed relatively quickly (this previous issue occurred a year ago).

Then this last 3 week long slimy delay-fest finally ended today. Something as simple as cancelling an unshipped order, and issuing a paypal refund should NOT take an entire week of back and forth replies to a CS ticket with multiple attempts to try and convince me that “GB Wallet” is the way to go.

Top it off with this:

This is located in the middle of an entire page of text they copy and pasted to me twice.

So if you forget about this ticket and don’t receive the CS-ticket-has-been-replied-to email (I only received 1 notification email for replies to the ticket)… now your money is converted to gearworst bucks!

This is the one is the light and holster deal, no hard plastic case included. I checked google shopping and two others have it at about $50.00. Might very well be that stock needs clearing out for the XP-L’s. Like this one http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_211892.html Still at a hundred dollars.

I’m not sure what all the fuss in either direction with this deal is. The price is pretty standard for Gearbest and other similar sites. As for the problems then you will have slow responses to emails and problems but generally they do get sorted in the end. The same goes for missing deliveries. they also get sorted eventually. If you want the keenest prices then unfortunately the sacrifice will be in service and speed of delivery so pay your money and make your choice.

I bought one, paid the extra $1.99 for the faster shipping, and received it within a week. :slight_smile:

Did it come with all the accessories and case? Picture on the website shows everything but the post above from texas shooter got me a little worried. I opted for the faster shipping as well, hopefully I’ll receive it no later than next week.

My BG Order came with case.

Yep, it came in the plastic box with the case, diffuser, etc.

Thanks for confirming.

Is the case from BG in blue or red?

The M22 is a great light!!!

One of the best finished flashlights that I know! Outside AND inside! :wink:

I like the service/support of BG, they have a similar offer! :wink:

The BG-Code for this flashlight is BGLFC - 33,96$ :slight_smile:

@Hannoveraner Did you got it from BG? May I ask if the case is in blue or red theme?

freeme, what is the difference between the blue and red theme cases? I noticed some of the m22 pictures I saw on the web also had both the red and blue o rings around the lense. Is one color an older version or a version for a certain market?

It looks like the one from BG may have the blue themed case and o ring. There’s a video posted by someone that purchased it from BG on the product page. The case and o ring are both blue.