Olight M2R coming soon ?

I always think….I will remeber all interfaces….but when you have more than 100 flashlights….memory mode is not a good option for me.
For a Tactical like this or other like the Klarus, Nitecore “P”,…etc, the Tactical option of interface is obviously Turbo or strobe in rear switch and no memory…. And the M2R seems pure Tactical light, there are other tons of lights that we can say “this is a EDC”, memory is a good option.

bummer ok… still looks to be a nice light afterall.


Even if you DO remember which light you have, you don’t have time to make selections. You can’t ask an attacker to wait until you get your light to turbo so you can stun him. Add to that, the stress factor, under extreme stress one looses the ability to do perform that type of task.

That’s the reason for the KISS rule.


If Olight has done away with the memory mode for the tail switch, can we have UI groups to select from?
IU#1 for tactical use and UI#2 for civilian use?
I assume the chip they are using has enough space to add extra firmware for this but not sure.

Reviewer says it took seven hours to recharge!