Olight M2R coming soon ?

Looks like the m2r is soon for release, found some info pics from some chinese site so looks legit… 99$ price?

I hope they release a XHP35 HI option with at least 300m…

I think that Olight missed the opportunity to make this a really nice light. The UI for the tail switch only allows you to turn on the light in full blast (either turbo or strobe). It would have great if they made a mode that has memory for the tail switch. I was disappointed when I read how it works here.

The UI for the tail switch works as follows.
Standard Mode: half press = momentary turbo, full press = constant turbo
Tactical Mode: half press = momentary turbo, full press = momentary strobe

The tail switch is useless for anything other than full blast turbo or strobe.

IMO the tail switch is only meant to be used when you need LIGHT, so full blast.
For finest application, like everyday use, you use the side switch.

Fast access to full blast light for emergency/critical situation —> tail switch, no thinking, no complex UI
Predictable situation, precise need of light —> side switch with memory and shortcuts for moonlight and turbo modes

This is a specialized light, I’m quite pleased with it and played with my review sample quite a bit…
The big con to me is the weight, double alu wall is indeed heavier

Yeah, I can see they basically are targeting this for police, fire, EMS, etc.

X3 said “Fast access to full blast light for emergency/critical situation —> tail switch, no thinking, no complex UI”
BUT, I think they missed the boat there too. You still have to make sure it is in the right mode. Those folks don’t want to fuss around with modes and it is unpredictable what mode the last guy on the team who used it left it in. The next guy may go to use the light, push the button, and blast everyone one with a strobe… then has to ask around “anyone know how to get this light to stay on?”

Can’t please everybody… but I’m guessing by the desire for customizability by many folks on this forum, the tail UI won’t be a compelling reason to buy this light.

If they had added a third mode:
Custom Mode:
half press = momentary on at user defined level 1
full press = constant on at user defined level 2
Then you could do clever things like half press the tail for moonlight and full press to go to constant on at a higher level (that doesn’t quickly bleed the batteries flat).

A two stage switch has such great possibilities… It is unfortunate they stopped innovating where they did.

It’s a nice looking light. Very futuristic. I like the tail cap design.
It’s the tail switch for turbo or turbo s only?

Turbo only or turbo + strobe depending on which mode it is in.

Thanks for answering my question mate

- X3 -

I think the nature of a light like this gets lost with most people. Having been trained to use a light and a weapon together, almost all my (EDC) lights work along these lines. I’m with you on the “weight” issue as well.

So with all that in mind, is it worth the money (a C note) to retire my M18 (900 lumens vs 1500)? Or wait for the originally promised M1R?

I’m not trained to use a light nor a weapon at all, but the applications of such a light is quite obvious to me and it’s not casual everyday use.
That said, I’ll try to be as objective as I can when it comes to compare the M18, M1X and M2R (I own them all) in term of use and brightness.

IIRC the M18 Maverick is only 500 lumens and is clearly dimmer than the 1000 lumens of the M1X.
But thy both suffers the comparison with the M2R when it comes to practical : the onboard magnetic charging is what would make me choose the M2R. 1500 lumens are a bonus.

OTOH, the weight is clearly the weak point, I still remember when I took my M18 for the first time and said “wow, now that’s a lightweight light !” 2 years later, I took the M2R out of th box and immediately thought “now way this one will go in my Pocket, way too heavy”. It’s a belt and holster carry or backpack flashlight only IMO

review here,

looks to be out? saw some on ebay in the US…

- X3 -

My M18 Striker is rated at 800 lumens, I couldn’t really notice that much more with the M1X at 1000 lumens. I have a couple of hotrods (Convoy M1) that are much brighter (about 4000 lumens) and both are much heavier. So for me the M2R doesn’t do much, other than, it’s easier to recharge.

User interface looks interesting. Haven’t managed to bag one for review yet! Will probably have a “fall off the cliff” step down.

hm okay, cant olight just ship u one? or is that only to few selected reviewers on this site ?

I’m trying!

That’s strange because when Marshall Hoots reviewed a prototype at the Olight factory, he clearly showed that the tailcap had a memory function. He even used the tailcap switch to turn it on at low.

When the video clock is at 15:50, the memory mode is explained.

Did Olight change the UI at the last minute? If so, they blew it on this one, IMHO.

BTW, is this another ‘firestarter’ tailcap with a live voltage potential across the metal elements?

Marshall was always so cheerful in his videos. Gonna miss them :cry:

Just noticed a M2R video review here: Olight M2R Warrior LED Torch/Flashlight: Review & Test - YouTube

(This is not to be a cry baby, but I can’t see Marshall’s videos after the notice! That guy’s smile… :cry: )

Unfortunately, It doesn’t look like the prototype Marshall reviewed with the tailcap memory made it into the final version. I’m guessing it was for either marketing reasons (target market) or technical limitations (maybe unreliable in that mode).

That’s a shame. An 18650 tube light with momentary on any memorised mode including strobe (single frequency) would be my ultimate light. The Thorfire TK15S comes close, but has a variable frequency strobe.