Olight M2R Pro and Warrior Mini RECALLED due to safety issue


Olight M2R Pro and Warrior Mini are being recalled due to their propensity for lighting people’s pockets on fire.

Olight’s following aren’t typical flashlight enthusiasts and aren’t well versed in the safety concerns of high powered Li-ion flahslights.

It says they are recalling voluntarily in cooperation with CPSC.

I wonder if since CPSC has taken notice to this issue if more recalls from other manufacturers may occur in the future.

This is kinda old news but no harm in posting it. That’s why the newer warrior mini’s have the distance sensor, so that it can’t burn the pocket.
People weren’t locking out the light putting it inside the pocket, the magnetic tailcap charger was mistaking metal items that made contact for the pressure switch.
That’s what caused the lights to come on in the pocket.

They did send rubber caps out to most people that bought the first warrior mini’s which if on prevented the issue.
I still suggest keeping the full size Warrior pro on the outside of the pants, or locking it out if it’s going into a pocket with metal objects like keys

Yep, the issues with Olights immolating pockets is long standing. However this recall was posted minutes before I created this thread

It seems CPSC is forcing them to do it. Olight representatives on their social media seem pretty salty about it too.

I’ve never even heard of the cpsc but then I’m in canada so we are always a little behind on news

CPSC is a U.S. government organization, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

A few fans are already complaining about the auto lockout after 30s of inactivity.

The auto lockout is not one of the lights that are dangerous but yeah it is an absolutely terrible feature


I emailed Olight from Canada and got this responce. I agree they are salty:

“Sorry to inform you that this recall only applies in the USA, the Canada website does not provide return and refund services.
The reason for the recall in the United States is that some customers may use it for the first time, and there may be false triggers without locking the light.
The US department CPSC hopes that the US site will recall these two products. Based on the respect of US regulations, Olight US has implemented the initiative recall.

The flashlight can be used normally and safely if the lockout mode was operated correctly. We have attached the detailed operation video in the email for your reference.
Is there any issue with your M2R PRO? So that we can help you confirm it. Waiting for your reply!”

From what I can tell, they are bringing forced.



Which Olights have 30s auto lockout or is this for all future Olights? That is freaking ridiculous and I won’t be buying any if that’s the case.

I burned so many holes in my pockets by accidental turn-on and none of those were from Olights. Olight switches are actually really hard to turn on accidentally because their buttons don’t stick out like some other flashlights do. The proximity sensor is nice but not necessary IMO. It will just make their lights cost more. I feel bad for Olights as basically all other brand flashlights have the same risk of accidental turn on but Olight is the only one singled out for a recall because they are big.

There is another thread on the same issue Olight recall

The Seeker 3 pro has the auto lockout, the motion sensor they’ve put on their other lights would be plenty adequate but they took it one step further. It’s a shame cause the switch can also be used as a dial to scroll to the brightness you want, which is a cool feature. The auto lockout means even if I edc it daily I’m almost always fumbling to get it to turn on the first use of the day

Just have Artiet59 mod them….that’s what I did. No more problems since we got rid of the bluish-white light…… :sunglasses:

Sh*t you’re right. I just tested my unused Seeker 3 pro and it has that stupid lockout!!! WTF Olight!!! Don’t bend over due to mistakes from a few idiot customers!

Is there a way to disable auto lockout? This light would have been the flashlight with the best UI. I love the rotary brightness control, but if future Olights all come with auto lockout without the ability to disable it, then I won’t be buying anymore Olights.

I haven’t found anyway of disabling the Seeker 3 pro’s lockout function, it’s a real bummer.