Olight M3X Cree XM-L LED 700 Lumens flashlight pictures review

We have got Olight M3X several weeks , now i have took some pictures for this flashlight .
From the package , it is very similar to Olight M31, the design almost the same ,only some different with the LED . Here are some pictures:


Include a Battery magazine ,a Holster, a Extender tube, a Operator Manual, two Spare O-rings


Extender tube, body tube

Olight M3X

indestructible Type-III hard anodizing




Which would like better ?

Oh my god! Is huge!

Is only me... or the central spot looks misaligned?

SO 2 versions, 1 with SST50 and other with XM-L. I think XM-L willl run cooler and longer, also is cheaper but I dont like the modes (lack of MED)

looking great thanks for the info.

It looks like the reflector was designed for another (bigger) led

yes probably for SST 50 or even 90

The flashlight comes in the typical plastic box same as electric drills...

Interesting flashlight, but not budget


Is only me... or the central spot looks misaligned?


It's not misaligned. Look at the picture again and you'll notice he is standing off to the right and the beam is hitting the wall at an angle.

That notwithstanding, I think the light looks very nice and really well made. The reflector does seem to make the most of the XM-L, but like has been stated it's price is on the north side of what most consider budget :)

It oughta be illegal to flash expensive toys in front of starving people .I was gonna give the poster a hard time till I realized it was Daniel doing his job.

I stopped looking at Mc gismo's and all the other custom 500 to 1000$ lights a long time ago ... cuz it was making me crazy.

It;s beastly

There's no moonlight mode on these .

medium?? ha !