Olight Marauder2 Proximity Sensor Disable Procedure

Credit goes to Utoober, Flash Lights UK, at the link provided.

Olight Instructions:

I must stress that turning this off (Proxy sensor) and not turning it back on again could cause damage to clothing or equipment as the sensor will not dim the light down. You guys do this at your own risk.
The automatic downshift function can be turned off, just keep pressing the button 15 times when the light is on. Then do the same way to turn it on.
When the light is on, double click on the button, then click again and hold the button ON until the BUTTON INDICATOR LIGHT FLASHES, that will bring the distance closer, then done.
If you want to adjust the sensing distance back, click the button again, indicator light flashes, extend distance, again.

M2 Proximity Sensor Disable


ChibiM pointed out the procedure is wrong.
The 15 clicks when ON, to disable proximity sensor, is not wrong. But the adjust procedure was “spotty” at best, to get to adjust function to operate correctly.

Adjust procedure:Turn light ON, then turn light OFF. Then press the button three quick times, and hold on the last one, until you see the switch LED’s flash. Light must be turned ON at least once before getting the adjust procedure to work. It does not go into adjust mode unless you turn it ON once, to get “adjust” to work. Rotating the knob to disable Lock Out mode does not allow you to go into Adjust mode until it has been turned ON, then turned OFF. Then the 3 clik and hold will work. But I still don’t see what it really does.

Thanks ChibiM, for the correction.
I too don’t see much difference between the two “adjustment” settings. But the disable feature is nice for when you’re in a torrential rain storm, and the proximity sensor doesn’t allow you to go brighter than 400lmn.

Thanks for letting us know. Yokiamy pointed me to your post, and watched the video.. but the explantion is wrong :D

When you follow the above explanation it won't work!

I did a quick video on how to do it..

So please follow these steps instead:

I like your 1lumen review on the Marauder 2. Very informative. 1lumen M2 Review
Just an FYI, where you list the #2 CON of the light, where you state that there is no direct access to Low output. There is a direct access to Low mode.
When you have rotated the knob/switch at least 90 degrees to Unlock the light, to allow it to turn it ON, just press and hold the switch, and it will turn ON in Low/200 lumen mode. No matter what setting you last used, it will turn ON in Low mode if you hold the switch when turning the light ON.

Thanks, updated that in the review!