Olight Omni-Dok universal battery charger video review

Here is a video review of the Olight Omni-Dok universal battery charger. Please subscribe to my channel as I plan to do some really nice giveaways soon and the notice will be given through youtube. Let me know what you think of the review. thanks

it must suck, haha. Im new at doing the videos so….. I’m trying

Might be a combination of things.
Not everyone likes video reviews. And some people do browse BLF at work so they can’t watch even if they wanted to. Text and picture reviews can be more forgiving and to me have some general advantages. You can skim over it quick, focus on things you care about, skip what you don’t. Videos require you to consume it in the way it’s presented.

Also the Olight Omni-Dok might just be less interesting to BLFers. I know I’m not a fan the circular design. I presume they went with that to make it different and interesting. To me it just looks bulky. And I don’t think Olight is a name people think when it comes to chargers. Seems like nitecore and xtar chargers are more popular.

It might help to put review or video review in the thread title. I can see people skipping the thread because they don’t know what it is, question, general discussion or something.

good points, I made a change in title. Thank you

I took all of your advice thanks, I am a little slow at times