Olight OPen Glow: The Perfect EDC Pen Light? My full review.

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Olight really can’t resist making things proprietary, can they? An actual pen-with-light (as opposed to pen-sized) is where I’ll maybe accept a proprietary battery (although a 10500 would have been nicer, don’t care about built in charging if I could just swap them), and then olight go and do an olight and make the actual pen part proprietary… :person_facepalming:

The worst thing is that other than that, it actually seems really nice, good output for something so small and the writing light seems like something I actually want now, heh…

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I have the o-pen mini that I got for free awhile back. I like the pen but not a huge fan of their proprietary refills. I have heard they are rebranded Schmidt refills. There are also people making adaptors so it take fisher refills.

Overall if I got one for free I would happily take it but it’s a hard pass on me buying one.

Hi there, thanks a lot for the review! I moved it to the Other Battery Type Flashlights category and added the review tag.

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The refills will probably last longer than the built-in battery given how often I write. :sweat_smile:

Touche. Just goes against how I feel products should be designed, I guess - something doesn’t have to be built ultra-solidly and expensively to be something that lasts, as long as it’s fixable and serviceable, meaning as many consumables and wear items as possible are standard and easily obtainable even if the manufacturer of the product no longer exists. If more complex parts can be duplicated (e.g. using 3D printable parts that may wear out, especially official files/support for it), that’s even better. I guess that in a way to me, if it has a builtin nonreplaceable battery, it’s basically already a piece of future ewaste from the moment it’s sold in some ways.

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I like it!

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