Olight Perun short review

Dear All,

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog. Use google translate. Original language: Hungarian.
In this short article I will show you the Olight Perun headlamp.

Brand: Olight
Model: Perun
Emitter : Cree XHP50.2 CW
Luminous Flux: 2000LM
Switch: electronic switches
Battery: special 18650 (included)
Modes: 6 (ultra low, low, medium, high, turbo, SOS morse)
Rechargeable: Yes, magnetic
Waterproof: IPX8
Impact resistant: 1m

This Olight Perun Kit comes in exclusive carton packing. The quality feeling is fine.

There is an abundant line of accessories hidden in the box. Accessories 3500mAh battery, stainless steel clip, wrist strap, MCC3 (red) charging cable, headband, plus sponge insert for headband, operating instructions.

The manufacturer glues the lamp together, it can only be disassembled in one place.

At the top of the head is the push button of the electronic switch, there is no plus glass plate in front of the TIR lens, its workmanship is perfect.

The body is aggressively textured, it provides a very good grip! At the bottom is the connector for the magnetic charger.

The headband is very good quality and also has a magnet in it. This keeps Perun strong enough not to fall out of it when we walk.

Size compared to a few other headlamps:

In a row: Nitecore HC65, Armytek Tiara A1 Pro, Nitecore HC30, Olight Perun, Armytek Wizard Pro, Nitecore HC35

It is operated with the known Olight menu. It has mode memory, but turbo mode and SOS do not save flashes. Press and hold to turn on in moonlight mode. Switches off at the touch of a button. Press and hold the button to toggle between low, medium and high modes. Turbo mode can be turned on with the light on and off with two quick clicks. SOS morse flashing can be turned on with three clicks. You can also turn on a timed shutdown after 3 and 9 minutes. The button can be locked by software.


The built-in charger works with the MCC3 charging head. Charging current: 1.32A @ 5.07V. I measured 4.19V in the battery after charging, which is a perfect value.

The supplied battery is type ORB-186C35. I measured 3524 mAh capacity on it with my Xtar Dragon battery charger. Internal resistance 53mΩ.

Here you can see how much it heats up in turbo mode. Horizontal axis is the time in minute, vertical axis is the warmest point temperature measured in ° C. Convert to Fahrenheit formula is: ° F = ° C · 1.8 + 32. The thermal protection seems to work perfectly.

The graph above shows the running time when the Perun is started in turbo mode. It holds the luminous flux of 2000 lumens for about 1.5 minutes, then it steps back to 800 lumens, which it already holds steadily for 98 minutes. You will then see two more steps down in the graph, and after 168 minutes enter in moonlight mode.

I placed an A4 sheet of paper on the branch of the tree on the right, lit by the lights. Its distance is 100 meters. Only the Nitecore HC30 lit up this far. Olight Perun emits light at a very wide angle. Only the Nitecore HC35 could surpass this.

Really good quality headlamp & pipe lamp the Olight Perun. The interface is simple and straightforward. Its quality is flawless, all functions are perfect. Thanks to the proximity sensor, there are no more burnt pockets or burnt clothes. Built-in charging is fast and safe. Its light beam is pretty homogeneous but has a cool color temperature. Recommended purchase!
You can buy: olightworld.com

what a great and detail oriented review, thank you. never had a headlight and didn’t know how useful they could be.

” temperature measured in ° C. Add +32 to the number to get it Fahrenheit.”
firstly multiply by 9/5 and only than add 32.:wink:

In my opinion the most interesting detail of this headlamp was mised. Vibro indication.

You’re right, the exact conversion formula is:
[° F] = [° C] · 1.8 + 32
I’m also talking about the vibratory motor: the idea is good, but unfortunately the motor is weak. You can hear the engine running when the lamp is discharged, but unfortunately you can’t feel the vibration when worn on your head!