Olight PL-2 Valkyrie review (1200lm, 2 x CR123A, XHP35 HI)


The review will be dedicated to a new pistol light from Olight, the PL-2 Valkyrie.
The light has some unique features, and is very different from recent pistol lights from Olight.

So, what’s different here?

1. The light uses two batteries (rechargeable batteries are also supported). The light has a high brightness of 1200 lumens, and a throw of over 200 meters.
2. The light uses a TIR optics, optimized for throw.

I was a bit surprised when I heard about the TIR optics usage, but after thinking a bit about it it’s reasonable for such a light. A poly-carbonate TIR lens should be more reliable then a glass lens, and it’s always nice to use that spill wisely.

Shall we begin?

The light comes in a small carton box, filled with flashlight descriptions and technical data.

The light comes bundled with user manual, two mounts - glock and 1913, a special tool for replacing the mount and batteries (non-rechargeable).

The light looks and feels very “serious”, almost like a weapon itself. It is not a cutie by any mean, looks and feels like a serious tool for serious people. The battery replacement proves it - it almost feels like refilling a weapon.
The battery leads have springs from both ends and are gold plated.

No quality issues here, just a nice TIR, with anti-reflective coating.

The mounting bracket lever was also modified - it’s losid metal now without plastics on it like in PL-1. Again, feels very very solid.

A very nice light spread, with a clearly defined hotspot. No artifacts here ….

A short comparison with H1 and H2R. Please note the size of the TIR lens.


That’s easy….

Holding any of the buttons (hard plastic coated, symmetrical at the tail of the flashlight) will turn the light on, it will work as long as you will be holding the buttons.
A single click on any of the buttons will turn the flashlight on, another click will turn it off.
A click on both buttons simultaneously will enable strobe mode, a click on any of the buttons will turn the flashlight off.

The flashlight gets hot very fast.

Lets see some real life lighting photos?

Very nice, especially considering the side of the light.

Conclusion, final thoughts

Well, that’s one serious tool by Olight. Personally I don’t see a lot of room for improving the light, all seem to be extremely well made, the flashlight feels as solid as a rock.
If you need a pistol light, I would recommend having a look at this one, if you can get a hold of it, it is not something you’d want to miss.