Olight S mini Titanium PVD new in box, includes new Olight 550mAhr 16340

$50 shipped continental USA, new in box, pay via paypal. As described here: https://olightworld.com/olight-s-mini-ti. The Olight battery is in the package. -Maratac AAA copper twisty with Nichia 219 (to be honest,not sure if it is 219b or c), also new in foil package, $50 or same trade as below. -Update, maratac sold. -Also interested in trade for Emmisar D4 in good shape. XP-L HI 3A, 5D prefered, but other emitters considered. -

Price drops, Olight S Mini titanium PVD new in box to $55 shipped, Maratac AAA copper twisty with Nichia 219 to $50 shipped.

Just so you know, Olight S1-mini doesn’t exist in Titanium. Only Alu.
What you’re selling is an S-mini :slight_smile:

OOPS :person_facepalming:

Corrected, thanks for pointing that out. The lights I have are the rainbow PVD as pictured below (the biggest light pictured)

limited edition light new in box!

just one S-mini Titanium PVD left, and the Maratac AAA copper Nichia is still available also.

See OP for price drops.

Maratac sold, so just the Olight S mini Titanium PVD new in box remains for $50 shipped.

Sweetening the pie a bit by adding in a rechargable battery with the brand new light, Olight ORB-163C05 IMR RCR123A / 16340 550mAh

$50 shipped continental USA, pay via paypal. S mini Titanium PVD is described here: Olight Baton Pro Black - Read Details | Olightworld.com. The Olight battery is new,in the package also.

good luck with the sale, those are nice lights and the price is not bad

fyi, the link gave me an error: Page Not Found

FWIW that IMR battery is for the S1R, and does not have a built in Overdischarge Protection circuit.


… these battery are meant for Olight’s proprietary magnetic charging system, see the tailcap (S1R) specifically design for use with these batteries next to it. :D[/QUOTE]

Thanks for pointing that out Jon. Best I can tell Olight discontinued this light, as I can no longer find it on their website. Now I am starting to think I may hold onto this for a bit.

Anyway, the battery is capable of being charged in a standard charger, as well as being the only battery that can be charged in the S1R.

to Help U Sell
I found this link I think will help you share info about your TiSMini features.

The NW LED is very popular, I hope someone gets to appreciate it.

more bling
The PVD Rainbow on your Ti will Stay Shiny.
Its not a heat treated color, its an actual Titanium Vapor PVD, very cool stuff!

fwiw about the IMR battery,
the battery is for the S1R that has OverDischarge Protection built into the light

the TiS Mini has no OverDischarge Protection built into the light


bump to support your sale

New info [Review] Olight S1R Baton II - #35 by jon_slider says the S1R v1 battery IS Protected. So I withdraw my concern about using it in an unprotected light.

That was kind of you, thanks! :beer: