OLIGHT S1, arrived today (PICS)

Olight S1, arrived today, a few hours ago
It’s far smaller than I thought :heart_eyes:

Some Pics for you:

the battery orientation is different from what we are habituated

I know, this S1….in the coming months will very often inside my pockets.

from http://www.banggood.com/Olight-S1-BATON-CREE-XM-L2-500LM-Mini-EDC-LED-Flashlight-p-993121.html

feel free to ask any question here or by PM, prices,…etc
(M4DM4X also can provide you a good option by PM)

Thanks for the pics. Best looking EDC ever!!!

Thanks for comment djozz!!

Only a few hours with me and it is my preferred EDC, incredible size and very good distribution of modes:
Moonlight 0.5 l is very usable, 8/80/500 with RCR123A is perfect for me.

That one a compact little light!
I’ve always liked the deep square knurling they use.

Thanks for the pics/review but I wouldn’t carry any light other than the ones with high cri nichias as an edc. Why these big brands use these ugly white leds I don’t understand.

I like the nichia high cri…. sometimes, but other days I prefer NW or pure white…
Why white leds are ugly?

I fell in love with high cri nichias the day I first met with them, I can’t use white leds any more.

You will have to wait for someone to show how to mod this light. I have put a higher CRI (3500K) XM-L2 in my Olight S20, so it could be possible although these Olights are not the easiest to replace the led in.

have u tried both of the timer modes yet? Are they right at 3 and 9 minutes? Any lockout mode?

thanks Trevi_lux…

I hope it is moddable djozz. Trevi_lux is it mod friendly? (I guess not it has side switch) And how is the driver any PWM? Current controlled?

Hi saypat:
Timer tested and runs exactly 3 min (3min:00sec) and 9 min (09m:00sec) before off.
For lockout loose 1/4 the tail (mechanical lock)

Tomorrow I will comment about PMW (I can not see, but I will check with my camera)
Sorry, but about mod,…I am not a modder, not seems easy, but perhaps some reviewer can comment about this, there several S1 in the process of review in BLF :smiley:

Thanks Trevi lux for the pics and info. Very nice to hear about the white tint , so i just ordered one myself and wanted to ask if your rcr123 was a AW cell as i wanted confirmation this works with the s1. Also how would you describe the beam -floody with a large hotspot?
Any info appreciated.

Thanks for the pictures. The comparison pics are especially useful.

The TIR lens on this S1 is a great idea of Olight.
I only have the old S10 model (XM-L with white switch), the beam of S1 is nice and very very… powerful

Wow, nice. Thanks for the review. You had me at moonlight mode, but that thing is ludicrously small.

Thanks for the pics. :slight_smile:
How’s the clip in the S1? is it easy to clip on to jeans? My Olight S10 has terrible clip, it is too tight and stiff to comfortably get on to jeans. Olight S20 on the other hand had great clip.

got mine today…

looks great tiny

just have to find my S10R for the cell……

I think is easy to clip on my jeans (but really is like the clip of the S10, only a few mm shorter). S10 Clip is also easy to clip on my jeans….
I like strong and hard clips, they seem safer, I do not want to lose my flashlight. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pics Trevi lux.
Tiny- really nice light and ui.
No sign of PWM on any level.
Very bright on a rcr 123
Nice even thermal transfer.
Its good to get a new light that exceeds my expectation.