Olight S1 Mini Baton [Review] Written+Youtube+Photos+Runtime

Looks like this is the popular light to review at the moment……

Today I have a review of the new Olight S1 Mini Baton. 600 Lumens from something that’s smaller than a .223 round.

The SMini Copper I really like as an EDC The new S1 Mini takes many of the features I like and improves it by making it lighter by 10% and brighter by 50 lumens, and now rechargeable. It makes a great EDC light. Thanks to Olight for sending this to me to take a look at.

Full Image Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/WFYmo
YouTube Version of this Review: https://youtu.be/TnnlzojKHOw

Size, Design, and Construction
The new S1 Mini Baton shares many of the design traits with the copper Smini I have been using . Here is a quick comparison in size to the SMini Baton in Copper, and the Klarus Mi1C I reviewed a few months ago. Right now the new S1 Mini is made of aluminum and is smooth anodized black. The grip on the body and tail cap have changed, its similar to the M2R I reviewed last month. I have been told the grip pattern is designed for easier cleaning. It’s not an aggressive grip, on such a short light I could do with a little more. The height it’s just slightly less the the old Copper S1 Mini I have. I measured it at 54.10mm Height, 21.10mm in diameter at the head. Comparing it here next to a standard .223 round you can see it’s pretty much the same size. Weight with the included usb rechargeable batter is in at 1.52 ounces, in comparison to the Smini in copper at 2.54 ounces with battery and the Klarus Mi1c with battery at 1.56oz. The tail cap now has a small magnet inside that will barely hold the light on a ferris surface horizontal, upside down seem ok. The light is IPX08 Water rated and includes a 5 year warranty.

The head has the signature Olight blue bezel but this time it’s flat and has some engraving in it showing the LED temperature (6500l), CRI (70), and lumen 600. It’s very discrete and much better than writing on the body of the light. I really like this. If you have more than one or have one of each version it’s a nice way to distinguish them from each other. Hopefully it will be a feature on future models.

New is the double pocket clip that is captured like on my Smin . This one is coated in what I thought was anodizing but I am not sure now. Underneath one of the folds there is a silver shiny part. Hopefully it’s stainless steel and won’t rust. This clip allows you to clip either tip up or tip down, and it would clip onto a hat as well. In order to make it tight it’s fairly stiff. I have carried tip up and tip down it sometimes requires two hands to attach to the inside of the pocket.

UI of this light is typical of other olights of the most part. From off Long press to enter moonlight mode. Keep holding to cycle up in modes. Or From off a quick press will turn it on the the last used mode. This light does have memory mode for about 10 minutes. From there it will reset to low. Memory will remember high but not turbo. To shortcut to Turbo double click from on or off. Triple Click to get to Strobe. This light also has lockout and to enter that when the light is off hold the side switch for 2 seconds and keep holding. The light enters moonlight mode and then shuts off. When in lockout mode the LED under the switch will light up if pressed to show that it’s locked. Would prefer a system that flashes the main LED instead as my figure is on the button so I won’t see the lockout warning. To unlock the light press and hold the switch for about one second until moonlight mode comes on again.

This light uses a Cree XM L2 LED and is in cool white. Turbo lasts for 1 minute at 600 lumens in this version then bumps down to high at 330 lumens for what’s 55 minutes, medium is 60 lumens for 6 hours, low is 15 lumens for 30 hours, and moonlight mode is 0.5 lumens for 15 days.

Beam pattern is typical of a TIR optic. I prefer a TIR optic especially in a light this small. It creates a large spot on center and a nice spill on the edges. It’s a very similar beam pattern to my Olight Smini.

Table Top and Night Shots https://youtu.be/TnnlzojKHOw?t=5m33s

This light is capable of running a CR123a, however if doing so you can’t use Turbo. The light ships with a USB rechargeable Olight branded RCR123a 650ma cell.
Charging is on the top via micro usb and a charging cable is included. When charging there is an LED built into the batteries positive terminal and it glows red when charging and green when charged. With the included battery here was the runtime graph
I observed. From Turbo to no light total runtime was about 77 minutes. I measured parasitic drain at 0.40mA.

Heat isn’t a big issue with this light. Turbo mode only lasts for 1 minute which is enough to get the light warm but it’s still comfortable to hold. After that one minute it kicks down in output which regulates the heat.

I carry my original SMini in copper

quite often as an EDC, I like it’s deep carry and beam pattern for general city and office use. I typically clip it into a front pocket where it holds well. I have not had an issue with this clip letting go or getting caught on stuff, or coming on in my pocket. I will say even though I like the new clip, it could be a little easier to get onto the pocket. I like that it has moonlight as an option too. When I have used this in the office people are pretty amazed at such a small light can put out so much power.

Olight packaging is extensive and well designed and this is no different. When new it pulls out of the box as an entire package via a pull tab. Included is the Light, Clip, Lanyard, battery, instructions and micro USB cable. The exterior of the box covers the important details and reminds buyers of the 5 year warranty.


  • Small Size & well built
  • New Clip design great for EDC
  • Micro USB charging via battery - nothing proprietary
  • TIR optic creates an even beam pattern with good throw for size


  • I have read from other reviews that the high CRI model has strong green tinge in the beam pattern due to the LED being used. The cool white version that I have doesn’t have this.
  • * Names are a little confusing. You have the SMini and S1 and now the S1 Mini yet this one is rechargeable but not with the exterior Olight system. It’s more than a little confusing.
  • I wish the tail magnet was just a little stronger.
  • Disassembly is not recommend!

Overall I like this S1 Mini, it’s a small evolution from the Smini I have been using often as an EDC. I like the new pocket clip, and that it now includes a magnet in the tail. The beam patterns are similar to the old Smini that I like in this form factor of light. It’s nice to see Olight including a more standardized rechargeable battery with their lights. While I have not personally tested the Neutral White model I understand it has a definite green cast to the tone which defeats the purpose of neutral white. Better LED options are on the market that solve this. While I love Olight offering neutral white as it’s my usual preference I wish they would look at all the options on the LED market and choose one not known for having negative traits. That said the cool white is a decent choice. This makes a great EDC that can put out a lot of light if needed but is also happy to run in lower modes for longer periods of time. It amazes people on how bright it is on such a small light too. It’s one I recommend, check it out at OlightWorld.

Good details review liquidretro. Nice. I think Olight S1 flashlight upgrade version is Olight S1A. Although, they have almost similar functionality.

Aaaah, I remember those now…

Came in assorted colors, like Cu, “rose gold”, PVD, etc., and had nicknames like “Smelly Wife” and such?

Cute little buggers, like that “textured” one…

Actually you are thinking about the SMini which is different from the S1 Mini which is what the review is above. Not the clearest naming structure.

Wow, you’re right about that. :smiley: