olight S10 triple RGB light

This was my t-day project. This is a S10 I designed a 7135 driver for using DrJoned RGB FW. It's runnong XP-E2's right now but the project is actually based around a Lime, red-orange and blue rebel on a triple sinkpad (which I'll get later), that's why I only made it 2x 7135 each. This is also the first double stack driver I've ever done.

link to DrJones FW description. Note I'm using the specially modified RGB only FW, DrJones replaced the white channel with R,G and B at even levels in the code so there is no holes in the UI. a hold (which would bring on white on the normal FW) brings on an even mix of RGB that's brightness rampable.

The triple conversion was a lot of work on its own, as was the driver and getting the switch positioned correctly.

top/bottom of each board (mouseover)


even with all the RGB work I've done this was my first time wiring a noctigon individually addressable, remember this is temporary (till after xmas shopping season), rebel's to come

looks factory right

Eh, I dont thing thats factory!

(mouseover = on "white")


Really cool mod

Very nice indeed.

Yes, very nice, and good thinking about the short-cut to white, that is essential if you want a fun-light like this to be functional as well.

Even nicer that you go the rebel colour mix route as well, I am immensely curious how that works out, it will probably mean a lot of fine-tuning on the individual levels if you decide on a set of pre-set colour mixes!

This is an awesome mod :heart_eyes:

Your really excelling making these lights CK. Maybe a psychedelic past coming out?

Thanks for sharing. How did you manage to hold the switch in position?

what a great mod… excellent work CK!

Awesome work! :bigsmile:

The switch is held in with epoxy, usually I just mount them with the pin’s threw the mounting holes but this one required the pin’s to be bent very strangely so I used to epoxy to keep shearing forces off them.

Nice job, Dan!