Olight s15 and s15r discontinued

Will be replaced with a S1. Straight from Olight rep at shot show. Seemed like fine lights to me.

This is surely silly. What do 1AA NiMH users carry?


They’ll have a new so called “S1A”, if I got it right.

And an S2a at 500 lumens! Not sure about the rubber coating. I had a kettle with a rubber coated handle and it got sticky over the years and had to be thrown away, some sort of plastic rot I think.

Rubber coating is a bad idea. Looks like 300 lumens on a single 14500. Switch looks the same from the s15.

Are they keeping the S10 and S20? That would be kinda strange to just discontinue one light in the series, and leave the rest alone. Unless the s15 just wasn’t up to its sales goal.

Some rubbers are very durable, our hand tools like needle nose pliers and Channellock handles use lifetime plastic.

This probably explains the cheap prices previously on these models, getting rid of old stock.

Indeed they are, but the rubbers I’ve seen on recent Chinese consumer goods sometimes become tacky after a few years. It is a sort of rubberised plastic, not a rubber as such, more a plastic but with a slightly rubber like texture. Maybe there is a thin coating?

I don’t know, but I have seen those plastics like you mention, they deteriorate and seem short lived, I hope that Olight has taken that into consideration.

Olight should be working on getting 300 lumens out of a single AA. That would have been a good upgrade. Zebralight and manker have done it.

I bought 6 of the s15r and they’re pretty fantastic for the price. If the keep the UI similar, the optic can only be an improvement imho. I have the s1 and s2 and prefer the larger flood pattern.