Olight S15R for $22.99 at GearBest

Update 01-Nov-2015

Ok, they just replied that they are out of stock and don’t know when they’ll get more, so no S15R for me. I would also recommend that you not buy this if you haven’t made an order yet. Sorry for the bum steer.

http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_112105.html $22.99

This is a fantastic deal. I already own an S15R, but I just bought this one for a backup. In my opinion it’s probably the best general purpose 1xAA format light out there, and at this price it’s a no-brainer:

  • Included high quality rechargeable 14500 Li-Ion battery and charger stand, but also bright with any common alkaline or NiMH battery in a pinch
  • Low battery indicator
  • Nice LED tint, almost neutral
  • Three useful modes with electronic thumb switch near the head, not the tail
  • Very low parasitic drain, battery lasts forever in storage
  • Hidden moonlight mode (fantastically long runtime)
  • Hidden strobe
  • Tailstands and also has a magnetic tail
  • Glow-in-the-dark O-ring
  • Nice slender side with useful removable clip

This is one of my EDC lights, and it’d probably also be great as a safe gift for someone who you normally wouldn’t want to give a Li-Ion light to.

By the way, I wasn’t paid or compensated for this post in any way, I just ran across the deal and wanted to share it.

looking around and they have an m21x 18650 for $33 too. best price I’ve seen

I wish they’d put up the S20R on closeout clearance… 14500 just doesn’t have enough runtime imo.

I don’t normally like Olights, and I’ve been resisting this deal for awhile, but I finally caved. If I don’t like it, it’ll at least make a great gift set.

i bought one and received it last week, i like it a lot! used it today while i was fixing my car, quite small and handy for that.

has anyone tried to make the tailcap magnet stronger? i think it is too weak right now.

This code will bring it to 21.95



Works now, just got one.

I ordered one of these at that sale price from GB a few weeks ago. (waiting for it to arrive.) I have a standard S15 too with the extension tubes, great light. its my current fav 2-AA light with the tub installed. I modded mine with a TIR and 4C emitter last year.

Need some advice…

Currently I EDC a Nitecor D10 (old version) and wanted some opinions on if this would be a good replacement.

Similar size and think it might work. I like the functionality but can’t seem to tell if its going to give me longer runtime or more light.

Basic question — I know. Appreciate the help

Should give you noticeably more brightness (280 lumens S15R vs. 140-odd for the D10) and equivalent or better long runtime on low, as it has an excellent moonlight mode.

Shouldn’t it be 280 lumens w/ 14500? Also I believe 280 is noticeably brighter compared to 140.

Got one of this coming up too….a real no-brainer of a deal

Oops, very true. I stand corrected.

How hard is an LED swap in these? Glued head?

they can be tricky to get the pill removed, as the switch tends to hook on the body when pushing it out towards the front, breaking a piece from the switch if your not careful.

I have the latest version of the S15 (not rechargeable) with the S15R switch on it.

I took a chance on buying it, as ‘selfbuilt’ cautioned that if you are particular about tint, then you may want to look at a different light. - Or something like that.

I bought it, maybe some 8 months ago?… I was sucked into the idea that since it had been some time, the tint would have been Fixed by then - NOT! - I LOVE Everything about it, except for the tint). - A Sickly, yellow green tint, that apparently doesn’t seem to bother most people?

If tint doesn’t matter to you - Buy It! - That’s Cheap, and it’s a Great Light!

For me - 23 Bucks and the SAME Tint, Plus the recharge feature, and a Free battery? - I’ll pass.

I Really Hate that Puke Tint:-(

JMO. - Sorry.


Luckily for me, a Nichia 219B on a 16mm noctigon fits well. That and a 45 degree flood optic and I’m super happy.

That’s Cool! - Wish I had the skills to mod.

I really do Love everything else about the light - It’s just that awful tint!


Could you send it to a modder? I ended up liking the UI a touch more then zebralight. Less chance of blinding yourself. Tempted to get another but I never end up keeping doubles. Maybe an S10r II?

S30 is now for $32.99. It’s not R, a bit larger form factor than s20 but has better mode spacing

The price is $26.73 when you add it to your cart and the code RMNTGB is working.
Total $24.59 for the S30.