Do you know the upgrades done to the Q8?

I’ll take the Sofirn Q8 modded, and Olight SR2 Baton rechargeable. PM me.

yes, see this post

yes, see this post

Damn that Sofirn looks like quite a setup, I have to give that a shot….

I have had no response as of this evening so I am still taking offers on everything

Or, you can just pick this one up, its a great deal at twice the price!

Sending pm …

All sold except for the Olight which is still available.

The $150 USD has been sitting in Paypal ready to pay. I have not checked email in a couple of days, and re logged on to see post here. Ooh well.

I was very fair and messaged you twice on this site and 3 private emails over an almost 48hrs period and no reply whatsoever, not really the best policy to adopt when attempting to lock down a deal.

Wrong. I do not live on the boards or check e mails sometimes at all due to everyday life. In general with my line of work as Mechanical Structure/Interface Design Engineer, family, girlfriend, etc…

So not always available to access e mails, log on, etc….

Money was never issue. $150 sitting in Paypal ready to be spent.

Too bad we could not come to deal.

After all the years I’ve lurked with my bro, you’ve compelled me to make an account to say this: Don’t be rude.

He’s not “wrong” for thinking that, if you are trying to negotiate a deal with someone online, you should make the time to follow through on your end. We all have jobs and families that we are responsible for, and you aren’t the only person with a busy life. I mean, c’mon, the guy gave you two full days to oblige him, and you want to give excuses as to why he’s wrong and you’re entitled to not only waste his time, but snap at him for ostensibly not being able to tell you’re a busy man? Give us a break. You don’t have to “live on the boards” to send a quick message – you could do it on the toilet, even. There’s nothing wrong or shameful about owning up to your mistakes.

You can do better. My bro and I believe in you.


Nah man, None of your business. Deal was between seller and me. We could not come to deal. Money ready. Nothing wrong there. If seller sold then to all his own. Not a loss for me. I will spend money on other lights( many to choose from ).

I suggest you mind your OWN business. BTW, your are forgiven your 1 ” newbie ” nonsense post.

If the q8 is still for sale, I’ll take it. I’m a little confused with the listing