Olight SR52 mod

Anyone done a mod on the Olight SR52? How easy is access to the emitter, driver etc, and is the driver like the SR51? Or does it have sense resistors?

It is pretty easy. Start from the top and work your way down.

The driver is significantly different than the SR52. It is a boost/SEPIC driver (not absolutely sure of the topology). I've heard that you can only get around 4A out of it before things start to go south.

It does use a resistor network, but I didn't look too closely at it. It might switch between different resistor banks to switch modes.

Ok thanks! I’ll take a look

I ended up just stripping the stock driver except for the charging circuit and put an FET driver on top. That was the easy way out.

I’ve not decided what to do with it yet, maybe a 5A driver from led smoke? But I do have a DQG 6A driver hanging about somewhere …

Modded my SR52 by taking the dome of the factory LED, increased the throw. You need a really powerful soldering iron as the copper heat sink transfers the heat away so well.
These Olights are well made, taking this apart and working on it has made me want to by more Olights!

How did you get on with yours James?

I’ve not actually touched it! I decided I like the factory version, because of the deep reflector it has a nice mix of throw and spill, maybe further down the line I might change my mind, but for now I like it! :smiley:

Take the dome off, will double the throw :slight_smile:

Anyone ever modded the SR52-UT driver ?
With that tiny XP-L HI, I bet it could throw better than stock if I boost the current a little :slight_smile:

Vinh has. He says you can get it up to around 3.5A-4A output, but much more than that and you'll start blowing stuff up.

Well I don’t know him but his reputation says that he loves keeping his receipe secrets no ?

Actually, I'll bet if you e-mail him and ask nicely he will tell you. He has told lots of people what he does with the drivers. I'm not saying he always will, but he has done so in the past with several of the members here.