Olight SR95S UT

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The SR95S UT offers an impressive modification to Olight’s already capable SR95 Ultimate Thrower rescue light. The SBT-70 LED is the newsest in high-output, far throwing technology. A specially designed reflector delivers light with the incredible range. Illumination for up to 950 meters (Over 1000 yards!) is possible with this light, making it an industry leader in performance, while an extra 300 lumens compared to the previous SR95 UT puts maximum output at 1350 Lumens.

A tough, full-bodied aluminum body holds a high capacity 7800 mAh, 7.4v rechargeable lithium battery. The body also features a charge indicator and integrated port for easy recharges. The unique engineering of the head and reflector features a “Hollow out” design for optimum heat dissipation and weight distribution. This gives the SR95S UT a balanced feel in the hand without too much weight at the head of the light.

Three output modes, constant and momentary on functions, and an incredibly brilliant strobe can be accessed with the large format side switch designed for rapid and comfortable use, even in thick gloves.

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum body with anti-scratching type III Hard Anodizing
Charger: AC 100-220V 50~60HZ input. Recharge under constant current and voltage) C3A/8.4V
Smooth reflector
Lens: Tough ultra-clear tempering glass, with anti-reflective coating
Striking bezel: Aluminum body with anti-scratching type III Hard Anodizing
Large side switch for easy activation, even in thick gloves
Features two gold plated, metal O Rings
Anti-slip ergonomic knurling
Beam intensity in center: 129600 candela
Maximum throw: 820 meters
Waterproof rating: IPX6
Impact resistant up to 1.5 meters

LED: Luminus SBT-70 LED
Battery: 7800mAh 7.4V rechargeable lithium battery
Output/Run Time:
High: 1350 Lumens/115 Minutes
Medium: 400 Lumens/10 Hours
Low: 100 Lumens/48 Hours
Length: 12.8” (325mm)
Head Diameter: 3.5” (90mm)
Body Diameter: 2” (48.4mm)
Weight: 2.7 lbs (1230.5g)

Looks impressive, but $999 :open_mouth:

I am still hoping the price is lower than X6.

You'd be lucky if it went under 500...

Look at the beginning of the description, its not available for preorder. That’s why they put $999

There’s also a thread already

Ya, unlikely to be 999, it is too far away from current price of 450 for SR95.