Olight X7 Mod (Sky Lumen)

Vinh did it again with impressive numbers


Regards Xandre

that is a lot of lumens!
Not sure about the rainbow bezel though… - have to think about it.

fet driver (zener modded) and highest bin xhp-70

Can’t wait to see the review…

That’s been my impression. “Drivervn” is just a marketing name for a bog standard fet driver

Yes . It is a fet driver with custom firmware.

I hope it's not zener modded - zener diodes have high drain in e-switch lights, unless somehow he converted the switch to a power switch, or something? LDO is the best way to go for e-switch lights.

Doesn't look like he uses FET+1 drivers. We've been doing them a long time now - weird. There doesn't seem to be a picture of the DriverVNX2, so who knows? He never was good at the tech specs, but most CPF customers don't really care - they just buy anything he makes.

Tom E i talked about the Drivervn , not sure about each driver he uses.
I think Richard makes his drivers.

But that's not the driver he uses in the Olight X7VN. The driverVNX2 is what he uses, and states it's an e-switch driver.

he uses driver vnX i think

It's called "DriverVNX2", he's got to have a VN is everything, and of course no pictures or specs. This is typical - getting tech specs is not easy.

He's got 3 driver variants list here: http://skylumen.com/pages/drivervn-drivervnx-programmable-circuits, but a picture of only one of them.

I got a X7 today and the bezel screws off with ease. No glue…no press fitting.

Nice! That's what I like to hear. I take a modders view of these enhancements - tell me some details of what and how, I'm interested. Even if I never want to, or get the chance to mod it, I'm always interested in how someone did it.

Turbo step down on the factory light is pretty quick right? as in 3 minutes or something even less? Wonder if this one hangs on for a while on turbo?

Yeah, the stock light has extreme thermal control, I don’t know how long the VN version stays on in turbo.

3mins seems really long to me. I bet the vihn light would go into meltdown if it stays in Turbo for more than 90seconds. It just doesn’t have enough mass.

I sent an email to ask about the driver (if it has LDO) but the answer i got was “It is direct driven” :person_facepalming: .

He also said “My drivers has negligible parasitic drain.” …

Hes driver boards look common i have seen them before i think.

Looking at some of his lights they are just common modded lights here. That most modders can do?

Vinh, as it says on his website, does modding as a full-time job. It's a good model for high end name brand lights, specially as a reseller w/discounted purchases which he was doing with some brands. He's also gotten good deals on volume buys from retailers, like Illumn.com, and also help from Richard on the driver side, plus he probably has contacts with machine shops, or at least someone that can help in making some custom parts, like copper assemblies, etc.

For modding these mostly higher end lights, he's been blazing the trail because he can afford to buy a $300 light just to see if it's moddable, whether the time put in will be worth the benefit of a mod. So in a way, it's good for all modders to follow him. But it's always been hard to get details from him, unfortunately, and I guess that's still true based on the answer giorgoskok just gotten. That's very common - to get an answer like that, almost as if he didn't understand the question.

Yes, basically, it's mostly common mods but again, he definitely has some specialized skills - for example his tuning of focus for reflector based throwers is outstanding, and because of his profit margins, he can offer "PDT" options, which are hand picked higher performing LED's. Dunno how it works out, but I envision out of 5-10 LED's tested, you can find one that performs a bit better, so he can offer it as a higher cost option, and his customers have no problem paying for it. Also he can crack open almost any light, so he must have a great setup for pressure opening bezels, etc. Think of the # of lights he mods on a yearly basis, makes a very good living at it - that experience alone puts him in a modding category no one else is, or will be, even close to.

So, he caters to the high end buyer, which is a great business model with higher margins. He will also not sell and turn down mods where time/materials is too costly for what he can sell it for. Again, god business practice.

I would just love to be able to see his work setup, the tools, his bench, for example. He can spend some significant money I would think to get what he wants and needs.

That's why he's successful on CPF, and not popular here. When he's posted here, he got a lot of grief, big time, lot of controversial remarks made to him, borderline nasty. With the Rude feature we have now, might not be as bad for him.

Pretty much it's expected to get that kind of reception here - he's about as opposite for BLF as you can get - no helpful insights, high end stuff, high prices.