On/off flood single AA

My soon to be 90 year old dad needs a simple on/off light for when the power fails in his apartment. Single AA clicky preferable but 2xAA if necessary. More flood than spot preferable. Any ideas?



This works for me in a closet without a light. You could position a few around the house.

The RAYOVAC 2 AA indestructible is available at HOME DEPOT for 10 to $15. That is a great flashlight

Good choice. I put one in the glove box in my wife’s car. It’s a good light.

I suggest using lithium AA (non-rechargeable) batteries in whatever you give him. Lithium AAs have a very long shelf life, keep their charge, and will not leak.

Standard ‘alkaline’ batteries are a bad choice for a flashlight, especially a seldom-used one. Alkalines will inevitably leak and probably ruin the flashlight, and he won’t know until he tries to use it.

In addition to a flashlight, you should consider a ‘power outage flashlight.’ These remain plugged into the wall socket and automatically light up when the power fails. You can then pull from from the wall socket and use them as a flashlight, but I wouldn’t rely solely on them.

These Sunbeam models on Amazon also work as an automatic night-light and have good reviews.

Thanks all some great suggestions. I though of doing a plug in night light but the problem is that these are for a country with 220v and different plugs.
I also just remembered about the gerber infinity ultra which may also do the trick.

To look for 240V models, I did a quick search on Amazon UK for “power failure torch” and found a few. I’m not sure that’s helpful for his location, but 240V models do exist.

Again, I wouldn’t rely on this type of light as a flashlight, rather as a means to get to a proper flashlight when the power goes out.

I’d also suggest multiple flashlights of the same model kept in several areas of his home. If one failed, he wouldn’t need to change batteries in the dark.

Please let us know what you end up choosing. :slight_smile:

I agree on having the same lights with a very simple UI (not so steady at 90 as he was a few years ago). I am in the USA he is in the middle east so buying from the UK turns out to be expensive.
I am going to dig around in my gadget box. I may surprise myself what I find that I have collected over the years.

I also have a few of the good old 9v PaLights with find in the dark glow that lasts years. Would also be good on the night stand to help find the brighter lights if needed.
Also thinking of getting him one of the led lanterns.

That small light could be more difficult to handle, and requires two hands to power on and off.

A round light could roll away if dropped or knocked off of a table. Perhaps something chunkier with a push or slide switch would be better?

This Energizer 2AA PivotPlus looks promising. It has two brightness modes with 5 and 30 hour runtime.

What country will the light be shipped to?

I will be buying in the USA and hand delivering.

[quote=samsat] My soon to be 90 year old dad needs a simple on/off light for when the power fails in his apartment. Single AA clicky preferable but 2xAA if necessary. More flood than spot preferable. Any ideas? [/quote]

Two Recommended Tail-Clicky 1 x AA LED Flashlights
Flashlight Modes(Lumens) Memory? Reflector Comments
Sofirn SF14


No strobe




Always starts on Low

Thorfire TG06S


Double tap to activate strobe

No Smooth Always starts on High


  1. I own and regularly use both of these flashlights, and find them a good value for the price.
  2. The TG06S is often on sale for under $10. I expect that this may be the case for the SF14 can as well.
  3. Both flashlights have 14500 capability.
  4. Both flashlights have an XP-G2 emitter and a tint of about a 5500 K.
  5. Both flashlights are constructed of anodize aluminum.
  6. Both flashlights have an IPX8 rating.
  7. With all of this said, a side-clicky flashlight may be easier for your father to use. But I have no first-hand experience with this type. Added: I gifted a TG06s to an 87-year-old neighbor lady and she has no problem using it.


Single mode. Single AA. On/Off, that’s it. Convex lens. Lots of flood.

Got some for the kids and their friends. They are holding up surprisingly well. $3.24 a piece. Four of those and a pack of NiMh’s. What $30 for the whole works?

Regarding emergency/night lights, if you have time, you might consider ordering emergency lights from one of our popular outlets, like BG or GB. Even Amazon might have 220 v stuff. Also, a lot of devices these days are designed to work over a wide range of voltages, so check the specs.

Also, I used to have some emergency lights that was comprised of a flashlight sitting in a cradle that recharged via magnetic induction. I’ll see if I can find an example for you. Basically it sat in the cradle until the power went out. When it sensed no power, the flashlight would automatically turn on. I left them by the exits of the house so we could also grab them for short excursions into the back/front yard.

Yeah, I was gonna suggest an SK68, and you can likely mod the driver by just moving 1 wire to get the µC out of the way and have it be crowbarred on as long as it’s got power. So no “modes”, and thank B’harni (pbuh!) no strobe or other blinkies, just a nice simple stoopit on/off.

Wanna make sure you don’t get a square Bat Signal pic of the LED die, just epoxy the front slider to permaflood. Nice smoooooooth blanket of light…

This supports 110v-240v and has a EU plug:

This is similar to the cradle style I spoke of earlier.
Shown only as an example. It’s 120v only.

Thanks all. I guess I have some shopping to do before my trip!

Energizer AA light

Here is a single AA single mode light. The clip has 2 strong magnets on it.
I have seen them at some big retailers for about 12 dollars.