I just saw this Olight S10 clone on gearbest.
One big plus is the warm tint.


Come on, you can buy an S10R II for that price !
Don’t be stupid,buy the original :face_with_monocle:

The S10R II is $60

This clone is $24.76 in 1A, and $26.01 in 5C, and claims 900lm

The S10R is 30$, check my signature.
M4DM4X is working hard to give us some decent price on good quality products from a well-known manufacturer…
Why would you waste your money on a knock-off ?

That is a good price for the S10R. A few places in the US are discounting it too with no coupon code. But the S10R II cost $60 everywhere I look, and is 400lm. Does Olight make a NW version? With all due respect, why do you worry about where people spend their money? Especially when it’s all chinese stuff to begin with.

No, unfortunately they don’t make it in NW…but an emitter swap is not htat difficult on an S10/20/30 :slight_smile:
I really care about people spending their money on the right product, I don’t care about the place (well, ok I will not really recommend GB).
When I started to be interested in flashlights, someone here recommended me a Convoy S2, T6-4C XML2 and 6*7135 Nanjg driver. I was SO happy with the result, for such a great price, that I can’t help but try to be as helpful as I can with the knowledges I acquired in the last 2 years.
Money doesn’t grow on trees so better spending it wisely :slight_smile:

To be fair, no one has one of these clones in hand yet to test afaik. They may very well be an improvement to the original or at least worthy of the cheaper price tag.

I would wait until someone tests/reviews it before deciding whether or not to boycott it. :slight_smile:

I’d also wait until they list one without the cell and charger. Might lower the price to sub $20.

Yes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink… lol
I really like Olight the company, especially since they have a service center here in the US. That said, I don’t like the cool white emitters they use, and they refuse to put anything out NW. Also not too fond of the recharging system they have, being a proprietary battery, and problems with it. Supposedly fixed with the S10R II, which is why we see the S10R being discounted everywhere. (I assume)

Going to give the NW a try. I have 25 lights, one or five more won’t break the bank, so you can rest easy :slight_smile:

…The GearBest package includes a charger and 16340 cell in the kit. Maybe if they could knock a few bucks off by cutting the accessories pack, and get this closer to the $15 mark, I would be interested…

I see this light in the positive way… Perhaps better driver and NW emiter, more lumens and the price tag is just right…That’s big one advantage for me. :smiley:

Looks well made, and the pictures with the specs are very informative. They even show the thickness of the o-ring and heat path which is uncommon to see from other brands. Maybe they can leave the battery, charger and holster to make it cheaper.

When it comes to clones I always support the original product, because they are the reason the clones exists in the first place. Unless the original one has big design flaws or a ridiculous price.

From the pictures, it honestly looks pretty decent in machining and anodization quality. But we won’t know for sure until it’s in hands.

I look forward to comparing olight S10.
I have maverick M10, is an incredible light. Tiny but powerful light, high-quality machining.
If it’s good quality then great deals!

I thought this was going to be a BMW thread.

This clone has some nice features, at least according to the website link. If true, these features could make it superior to the Olight.

  • Die-cast unibody construction, with an integrated LED shelf. It should provide superior heat dissipation compared to the threadless pills found in the Olights.
  • A much higher higher output is claimed. 900 lumens compared to 500 for the Olight.
  • PID temperature sensor.

^ Often these clones have exaggerated claims on lumens. Plus… there’s also the matter of how long it can run in highest mode before getting too hot.

Just received ON THE ROAD M3 XM-L2 U2 5C from Gear Best.

My first impressions:

Color… They call it titanium grey but the color is more brownish grey. I love it.

Tint… Rose warm tint, much better than that greenish cool white tint on my Olight S10. M3 have an OP reflector.

UI… I think is better than S10; just a single forward click and contains a last memory mode. Double click for turbo. Triple click for strobes.

Cons… no moonlight mode and turbo is not 920lm, perhaps 700lm in 5C. The light becomes very hot in turbo mode. The 4 minutes test.

I was very impressed with this light and it will be my EDC light for now.

For more info… see freemes post… ENEDED

Nice! Thanks a size comparison!

this is my thread before that… For more info… see freemes post… ENEDED
Hallelujah!! :crown: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry… I’m not a flashlight expert like you…I’m just a rookie. Give me some time…. it was only my first thoughts on this lamp! :arrow_right:

Some people will never learn! Shameless bump on yourself! :heart_eyes: