One really good deal, (Uniquefire) X8 for 26$ !!! (BE QUICK!!)

I've found pout about this right now on this forum, bit it deserves seperate topic.

32.69 $without discount, 26$ with Flashlight20ru which epoires today so BE QUICK

I think this is the same flashlight as Trustfire X8 I already had from dinodirect and it was great outputwise.

Is tha coupon good for any light there?

25$ with the new survey :)

damn I alredy bought and used points for a rc-t601 will pass :(

I hope the tailcap will be in the package

I got the same pic today. No tailcap.

I ordered two C8s on the 10th and today they emailed that the shipment had been split and they shiped everything except the C8s. The C8s were the reason I placed the order the rest was just fill.

Maybe the reason they didn't ship was because they ran out of tail caps!

...and yes I'll be patient.


I'm not worried about it. No doubt, the photo has been made about your light, and they sent this out to the others. ;)

FWIW, I ordered this light a few months ago. I don't think I got a picture at the time but the light came in a small cardboard box and the tailcap was bubblewrapped and taped to (the outside of) the box. I guess the light wouldn't fit fully assembled.

Wait with your opinion until you switch it on, and it works. :)

I have heard about two faulty uniquefire X8, one was here in blf, I don't know who posted that, the other was in a hungarian forum.

At least we now know that the packaging pic of "your" order is B.S. and just a stock photo.

I think the lack of proper Trustfire packaging shows me that the light is most likely a Trustfire counterfeit. Your opinion may vary.

I can't comment on what DinoDirect sells, but my Manafont version of the Uniquefire X8 is excellent. It appears to be identical to the Trustfire in every respect. I would definitely recommend mine, in fact I need to write up a review on it.

We will have to see I have one coming in, I'm just hope you can runs it on 1 18650 battery and the build quality is the same as the Trustfire x8

On mine at least, the build quality is excellent and performance with a single 18650 (18700 actually) is the same as with 2x18650, which is to say, very good. That was also one of the main reasons I went with the X8, because it supports 1 or 2 cell configuration.

Coupon did not work for me :-(

Used code DDSAVINGISBELIEVING and got $5 off plus $5.19 in dinopoints. Final price = so price is 27.69 plus $5.19 in DD points, so final price is $22.50.

I was just reading the description for it:

'Using advanced technology, this LED flashlight produces amazingly bright light, make it suitable for using in the dark'

Well that's nice to know, we can use it in the dark!


If yours is anything like my DOA UF X8, you probably won't be disappointed. I thought I had posted macro shots of both X8s somewhere but I suppose life got in the way and I didn't get around to it. As I recall, all the parts are interchangeable but I never really did anything with the Uniquefire version after the driver turned out to be toast. It's still sitting on a shelf in the garage...

Got my Uniquefire from DD, very nice light for $27.

It pulls 1.55Amps on 2x 18650

It pulls 2.25Amps on 1x18650.

I got it today. Nice light, a little dirty lens and refector, 1.5A with 2x18650, 32kcd @1m, similar overall light output than my other xm-l's. One weak point is the switch, as I see it's a press fit one. :(

And the spring in the tailcap has very high resistance. Okay, the driver can compensate it with higher ampere, but not a good solution.

One more cons, the tint is very cold, more like purplish.

But it's okay for this price.