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Now, this is not a cry for help so don’t panic. It’s more somewhere for our modders to post links to builds to inspire our newer members, something to kickstart the diy man in everybody. So I’ll add a few links off the top of my head and hope others do the same.

At the same time, feel free to add your own builds here too or ask questions on posted builds. I was just thinking one mod post go to May be a helpful link, one thing, they must be easy diy mods, not full on lathe/miller jobs. I guess I need all of old lumens builds linking in here….

I’ve added this just to show what’s possible, jayrobs build is all over the net and this is as good a summary as any.

Matches go too minimag mod.

Johnnymac’s excellent edc mod.

Just a couple here, please add any useful posts, from pilotppk’s soldering primer to old lumens reflow posts to build up a nice go to post for budding modders.

Edit, changed the post name to better represent the post content.

The Trustfire F20 "emitter swap" might be a nice first time "mod". Few threads here:

Original Post from old4570.

Newer post from keltex78.

Trustfire F20 found with correct 14500 compatible driver from Manafont and T-mart (US Warehouse). Your choice of emitter.

Makes a nice inexpensive Pocket Rocket (on 14500) which can still run AA's for convenience.


Another One: DX's 52mm +/- modules into a Maglite (almost all require same grinding)

5xR2 module showing good detail on grinding needed. Another build.

My first mod was the DX single XM-L drop-in into a 2D Maglite with (2) 18650's (sorry I never posted a build).


Cheers Gary, that’s exactly the stuff I had in mind, I also need to add the popular light threads zy-t08/13 and Jacobs threads spring to mind. I’ll keep coming back to this as I have time, and probably move it to the mods section.

Matches deep pocket guide.

Matches host reviews.

Foys solarforce tailcap thread.

Budgeteers p60 review.

Nanjg 2.8 driver review.

Useful 7135 driver review.

Matches build your own flashlight guide.

Jacktheclippers flashlight blinging post, warning, lanyards are addictive….

Amc7135 master/slave guide

Soldering iron conversation/guide.

Flashlight baking guide.

Custom driver thread.

Triple xp-g p60 build, no lathe required.

Just one of old lumens mag builds, give you an idea of what’s really possible.

Old lumens reflector stippling video - removes rings from beams.

Thank you gords that is one helpful thread for us noobs trying to learn some DIY techniques :beer:

No worries, it serves two purposes, its easier to just link to this and not have to search to give an answer, and its easy reference for modders who can’t seem to fund a link. Just needs filling with any useful info hint hint. If you find a good post, throw it in here, someone else will benefit too. :wink:


Great idea to keep a lot of the good mod builds linked in one easy to find spot, although I'd call this post more of a reference than a guide.

Speaking of guides, that's something I've been meaning to piece together now for over a year... I should start on that tonight.

Smallsun zy-t08 guide/info thread.

Smallsun zy-t08 thread with viffers resistor mod.

Mdxl-76 skyray a01 clone guide - current mods/driver mods/taicap mods - serious budget thrower guide.

I can sort that match, as I say, if we can stick all the usefull info links in here and get it stickied, we have a simple post for everything. Just a link and a brief description of the info is surely helpful, if it gets stickied, I’ll remove all my chat and would ask others to do the same, keep it a pure info thread.

Fantastic idea. Would it be possible to keep the links in the first post and put the authors name on the title?

My thought was, once the infos in here, I can gather it into specific posts - general skills, popular light specific info, mag mods etc, once that bits sorted, I’d askeach person to delete their post/chat so we end up with a reference sticky where we can click in, link a #post and hopefully guide people to the right spot. So any links you have, stuck em in here with a brief description, in a couple of days I can edit my posts and we end up with one topic with links to a series of guides, so please, try to be specific with descriptions of links, and try to keep the mods to stuff that doesn’t need a machine shop - if the guy needs that, they probably pretty much know what their up to…

Missed that bit, I’ve tried to credit authors in my link descriptions, please do the same, eg matches mini mag, or viffer “light mod” etc.

That was the thread I were looking for. After those XPE2 mods Match have shown I plan to order some from Cutter or maybe just stick with XPG2 mods till Chinese shops bring in XPE2s. Unfortunately I don’t have much used lights to break into, so this thread will be useful to follow successful mod hosts.

I need a twist head mod change tactical light with a good circuit. But quality lights usually start from $40 like Limintop TD12. so I’ll keep my eye on here for cheaper moddable lights.

Good idea pal,send me your email Gords.


Would the Anatomy of a 7135 driver fit? I answer quite a few posts referencing the threads collected. Some are mentioned above. I was hoping it would get stickied on the DIY page to make it easier to find but this is just as good, maybe better. I would add the suggestion that individuals bookmark your thread for rapid access. A sticky makes it easier for newbies to locate, “my subscriptions” I use to keep track of interesting threads, but bookmarks is where I keep items for quick access.

That would certainly be a usefull link. I’ll spend a bit of time later editing this into sections, then delete whatever is no longer needed. Once I’m happy with that, I’ll probably ask people to delete their bits so we’re not duplicating links.

I was thinking something like :-

Driver links:-

Mag mods:-

Common light threads:-

P60 hosts and drop ins:-

And so on. Please offer up any other suggestions/ links then I can get started on it tonight or tomorrow. :bigsmile:

Johnnymac’s guide to adapting a 20mm pill to recieve a 17mm driver, light in question is a uf-v3.

Old lumens marathon nichea 219 into mini mag direct drive thread.

Easy to link to my posts and they can look thru them.