Oo Hi

Oo hi! im new here 1st post. Reading this forum for a long time, finally signed up.

Welcome to BLF


Welcome to the gang, Theo_Mich!!

lets try to keep it theo_mich.. looks really bad with t and m in caps... yeah i know im a weirdo..

just kidding.. thank you guys.

Hello Theo_Mich, nice to have you with us. Do you have many flashlights so far?

I have a few and more on orders (grey ones at sig). Not even close to most of guys here.

Im a newbie. Flashlights is my latest trend..

People who know me say, my one and only hobby is picking up hobbies. Oh yeah im also a shopping freak

You should fit in just fine around here then.

Welcome to BLF, theo_mich!

Welcome to BLF, theo_mich! You'll love this forum!

Aloha and welcome to BLF theo_mich!

What about caps at the beginning of the sentence? We have standards here, you know? :p

Welcome to BLF, theo_mich. If your attitude in this thread is any indication, you'll fit in here just fine.