Ooo, Death Magnets!

[Internet rabbit hole via djozz’s post on the Sofirn C01 thread]

Wow. “Strength approx. 100kg”. I wonder how they deliver those without leaving a trail of demagnetised items across every country in between?

I think my strongest magnet is rated for 7kg (for retrieving tools I’ve dropped down holes :person_facepalming: )



What about the MONOLITH ? :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Whoa. I missed that one.

I’ll be honest with you, I would never dream of buying super-powerful magnets like these. The safety tips on the MONOLITH page are downright scary (the video at the bottom of that page is definitely worth a watch). I would have one of those “smash into a thousand eyeball-piercing shards” accidents sooner or later.

It’s just weirdly fascinating to know that these things exist :slight_smile:

strongest magnet 12kg heavy

Stronger magnet here: K & J Magnetics

These things look pretty dangerous. :smiling_imp:

And now I know how they ship them :slight_smile:

Thank you, Lexel :+1:

In addition to wiping computer memory and potentially shattering if they get away from you, another big issue is getting them unstuck from a metal object or another magnet. I’ve seen people create a jig to shear large magnets apart from one another because pulling is pretty much futile when they are stuck flat to a large metal object.

Some hard drive magnets I’ve retrieved (about the size of a guitar pick) have pinched my fingers like they got caught in some pliers. Yeowch! I’ve got about half of them left since a number of them have cracked or shattered over the years.

Still, they come in very handy in some woodworking repairs where a clamp might be hard to place.

Death Magnet…ic?

That’s almost…….

It’s all fun and games until your significant other, in an attempt to clean the house, sits it right in there with your brand new Fluke, your Rolex or your Oscilloscope.

I bought a magnet from Fasttech and easily picked a 50lbs dumbbell off the floor with it. They shipped it in a plastic envelope and nothing more…I do wonder how much stuff it stuck to along the way!

I had a 300 pound horseshoe magnet growing up in the 60’s. I can’t remember it damaging any thing including a watch. Since it was a horseshoe it was easy to remove from things it was stuck to. If you just want to magnet fish get a horseshoe.

I once ordered some strong magnets in China.
They shipped it in a padded enveloppe with nothing else.
I waited them for months, to the point I got a refund.
One day I went to the mailbox, having forgotten them for long… to find a padded enveloppe stuck inside the mailbox to the door.
They were probably stuck in a container or anywhere in the way between the seller and m home, to be recovered months after…
I’m sure postal services have some thousands of padded enveloppe filled with magnets which are stuck somewhere and will never arrive lol