ooohh I'll take two!!

This is the "best" deal this year.

Wow that's such a bargain... put me down for a few and I have some beautiful beachfront property here in Nebraska I'd like to sell :)... Nutz

WTF?? 120 dollars for a "sipik"??

Well, most of their other items are priced reasonably, but the "high end" flashlights are insanely expensive there.

looks like a nitecore extreme

$119? For a $10 light?

Great business if you can get it. Some idiots will buy it just because it is expensive of course.

That's why CPF exists...


That's why BLF exists as well, so we don't spend $119 on a $10 light. Now we can buy 12 of them!

A veritable bargain!!!

You can go on eBay right now and buy a $30 Skyline 1 for $80.


Well the retail price for the Skyline was $89.99...

I clicked your links and found the merchant just change their price $46.6!I'm a newbie here and is it worth to pay $46.6 for this LED Flashlight Torch!