Oops- just bought a Trustfire TR 801 on EBAY

Oops because it was really late and I was somehow on the UK Ebay ( I'm in USA ) and I noticed a couple of TR 801s for 8 or 9 dollars, even converting from Pounds Sterling to US Dollars so I figured why not.

So I placed a few really low bids on the Free Shipping ones except I screwed up somehow and the Light that I won had a shipping charge so not that great of a deal-didn't want to back out and have an unpaid item on account- my third Ebay purchase ever.

Actually- Ebay is a bit overrated pricewise with not as many great bargains as people think- good for hard to find items though.

So the TR 801 may be a good light for the glove compartment in my car- it's a 3 mode and the only thing the flash mode is good for IMO is if you're changing a tire etc. and put the flasher on as a warning to other drivers .

Cool light though, saw one pic with it on underwater, should be here in about 2 weeks from this seller.

How long does a 18650 hold it's charge if I leave it in car as emergency torch ?

Update - OK the light came in less than 2 weeks to USA from Cyberport888.

My second torch and first really well machined, precisely made one.

Nice finish GITD tail AND rings and the front O ring around the lens glows also.

Nice bright slightly lavender colored emitter in a good way little torch.

How long does a 18650 hold it's charge if I leave it in car as emergency torch ?

I'd guess a year + .but there are about 7 million variables too .Do you live in the sahara or Alaska? in the garage,or out in the sun ? I'd say you're fine .the only thing better would be a lithium ion primary .. or an eneloop .

i 'd stick with the cars flashers if the car breaks down .... strobing motorists may just get you hit on purpose ..an emergency light for the car makes sense ... But i'm thinking ...when am I ever without numbers of lights ??

can't hurt ...plus it's another reason to go buy another light .

I'm in Florida- last time I changed a tire WAY off the side of the road in I 95 I used the car flashers AND a fluorescent cone still off the road on the shoulder-

Flash mode would be added OR those rare times when electrical failure on car occurs.

South Florida Drivers speak English and often Spanish- but they DON'T speak pedestrian.

They will slow way down and "Rubberneck"at any Police or Emergency Vehicle or Accident, creating traffic jams but conversely will turn right on a red and barely miss or honk at pedestrians crossing properly.

Good to know about the relatively long life per charge of a charged 18650 though- thanks.

And you're right about not pointing strobe directly at drivers.