Open Source LED Driver PCBs?

I’m rather new to modding flashlights and doing DIY builds but I’m excited to start learning. I may have missed this on the forum but all I can find for “DIY” guides are how to flash Attiny chips or match together parts to build / mod a flashlight. I really want something where I can solder the pieces on myself to a partially blank PCB and actually build a flashlight by hand.

I found the following on MTN:

These are completely blank PCB with only the traces ready for you to mount the components on. I can’t solder the extremely small pieces.

Ideally I’m looking for open source driver PCB eagle or easyeda files that I can have made at JLCPCB with their SMT service putting the tiny parts on and myself hand soldering the larger parts.

If I can figure this out and get all the components cheap enough I want to host flashlight building classes locally for kids and families (along with other electronics).

OSH park projects Oshpark Projects
If you need custom PCB layout , i can do it for a small charge

Most of the stuff that’s come from BLF members is usually done at Oshpark. Generally using eagle I never upload the gerber files, I just click the Oshpark icon and click upload. If you are needing the gerber files then you may have to take a design, copying and creating it yourself in eagle, unless someone knows how to get the downloadable files from Oshpark to eagle.

Have a good experience

I found this link : Deconstructing a flashlight | Deepak Kandepet

where they walk through the different components of the LED driver. I tried my best to recreate the PCB based on their schematic but I don’ think I did it right because I am outside of my depth on this.

Specifically having issues with the mosfet not looking right but that’s the only one I could find in EasyEDA that seemed like a part match? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

I think pin 6 PB1 should be the only trace connected to the fet pin gate. I think the author on that site forgot to use a jump over instead of what looks like a connection.
I’m no expert but usually the gate just receives the signal from the mcu to either turn on or off.
As for the library files for components I use a program called library loader that finds footprints and symbols for you.
A lot of them can be found on the web from a google search but it usually takes a little extra time.

You can see in the pic at pin 6 it runs straight to the gate of the fet.

Yeah I was confused about that but just went with it. What you mentioned makes logical sense.