Open your eyes and find the treasure.

Find the only "8" in this picture, It took me less than 60 seconds.

There are two “8”s in that picture. :bigsmile:

Ok, now I’m hungry for pancakes and rabbit :slight_smile:

Got it

Giveaway clue:

It helps if you can see 3D stereogram images. ;)

EDIT: But then you'll be seeing double!

It is the last number in the top line.


Actually DBSAR is correct, there are two 8’s in the pic.

I can see only one, 20th row, 19th column (If I count it right)

Al I see is a bunch of 6s.

Are you visiting Australia? Drop in.

3 seconds

What does this mean?

Australia is the land downunder. Everything here is upside down. An upside down 9 is 6. I did find the 8 among the sixes though.

I see the two “8”s that have been pointed out , but

there could also be a third “8” in that picture ,which

I think I see. Let’s see if anyone else points out what

I think , could be the third “8” in the picture. H)

I don’t have any red glasses to see.

What prize have we all won as we all seem to have found the 8 :slight_smile:

Do you wear hats on your feet and hamburgers eat people?

wwefans, what does it say above all the 9’s?