Opinion for an imr 18650 using tool

Hi guys!
I didnt know where else to post it so i post it here :bigsmile:
I have an electric screwdriver which uses a 3.7v lion battery.(maybe is an imr)
Recently I lost the primary tools charger.
The screwdriver was having a base to put it on and charge it the ‘’Primary charge input mode’’
I saw later that is a ‘’secondary charge hole’’ so I decide to charge it with a the DSD’s charge output which I use it for my 18650 flashlight battery’s.
Do you think that is safe?
And another question.I have a spare panasonic 18650 2900 mah grey.Can I use this one or the high discharge rate of the tool will destroy her?
Here is the photo

That’s a 5.5V power supply, not a charger! DON’T use it to charge that battery!
And no, Panasonic 2900mAh is not a good option for power tools.

Thanks for the reply Shadowww!Any good 18650 for that purpose?

Thats where i would start

Sanyo UR18650W2

ok thanks guys! :slight_smile: