Opinions needed for nice nature walking light! :)

hello! newbie looking for THE LIGHT. need an all rounder for walking in the nature mainly. budget is ~60$. i want flood mainly with some throw. somewhere around 5000k with no green or yellow tint. so far i thinking about a Wrukkos TS25 with nichia 519a 5000k and maybe dedoming 1-2 leds to get slightly warmer tint and throw. the best led for me i think the 519a 5700k dedomed would be but i dont know which lights would fit for my pocket with these leds and 1000+ lumens. also considering a Convoy S21D 519a 5700k dedomed maybe with 8A CC 10degree FLAT optics but thats not chargeable which a big minus for me also im not sure about which optic should i get. i really like the tint of the famous nichia 219b 4500k but i afraid it would be too hot and not enough lumen. ENLIGHT ME PLEASE :slight_smile:

I don’t think you will get many responses as it seems you ask asking for a hell of a lot for really basic requirements.

A TS21 will get you everything you need for what you want to do.

Also people on this forum despise members that cross post which is what you did.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

What i don’t like about the TS21 is that it hits thermal stepdown so quickly.
I would recommend an FC11 or Convoy S21x.

Did you do the thermal calibration? After I did mine, it was night and day.

You can’t go wrong with Emisar D4K 1*21700 High Power Quad EDC Led Flashlight - LED Flashlights

I have not, haven’t figured out how.


I have not, haven’t figured out how.[/quote

Good luck, took me an hour but it was totally worth it.

Happy New Year

Convoy has rechargeable offerings with the 4500K GT-FC40.

Yeah…I was about to recommend the M21E FC40 4000-4500K, but the head is too big for a pants pocket. Fine in a jacket pocket, though.

Just get the S21D with the 10degree lens. I’ve bought tons of Convoys over the years - and it feels like the best Convoy that I’ve ever owned.

The lack of in-built charging actually makes it better for nature use - less chance of water ingress (moisture getting into the light). Although tbf, I’ve never had a problem with charging ports and moisture myself, and I live in a tropical country with 90% humidity year-round.

Stop faffing about and just get one already.

This is what I would get if I were you, for the reasons stated, despite my mentioning the GT-FC40 offering. To me, internal charging is useless as I have a dedicated charger that presumably has a better charging algorithm, so the integrated charger is just another point of failure.