Opinions/Suggestions on cheap low-lumen lantern

I “need” a new LED lantern… ideally, it would be single LED, 2-5 lumens, runtime between 5-10 hours. I’m thinking something like those cheap, Chinese, collapsible units like you see on LightsCastle and BangGood.

Something like these:




What I’m basically using this for is to put in the room with my 3 yr old… he loves flashlights as much as some of us; and the 80/300 lumen camping lantern he hijacked from me is a bit much for him. A standard night-light just wont do it for him (that’s no fun!).

So they’re all cheap… $10 or less… but I dont want a piece of garbage either. Any ideas or suggestions?

Found a collapsible Defiant brand lantern at Home Depot for $4.88. Claims to be a single LED at 100 lumens. Looks about right.

It has a walleye lens on top to act like a zoomie light. Runs off of three AAA batteries. Has a high mode, lower mode, and unfortunately a slow strobe.

Might open it up and see about fitting it with a different driver for lower current, drop the output and increase the runtime. It claims 6 hours on three alkalines.

It looks interesting at that price. Can you give a small review?

Check out this deal.

It’s a Thorfire hand crank chargeable lantern for $10. It can also be charged with USB cable and even used to charge another device. Very versatile for $10.