Opple Light Master 4 discussion thread (new 2023 model)

Great to hear Opple is working on an LM5. I hope they will consider:

  • Dedicated app for LM 3/4/5 (all versions) with some ability to export / share data to file, email, Google Sheet, whatever
  • LM app should not require an account to use

If Opple engineers are good, they could create a library to share between their dedicated LM app and their other apps that may connect to the LM.

It would be great if Opple changed their stance on LM5 3rd party integration… They can design the GATT structure so that it’s very black-box and hides any special magic sauce IP they many not want to reveal.

Opple can delegate functions like device firmware updates or calibration to the official Opple LM app, and keep those APIs private … but publish API GATT characteristics for basics like:

  • CIE1931 x,y
  • CRI (Ra) R1-R15

Of course, they may simply not want anyone integrating with their device at all :skull:

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