Opple Light Master 4 discussion thread (new 2023 model)

Opple Light Master 4 discussion thread

It’s an upgraded versin of the Opple Light Master 3
See the Light Master 3 thread here: Opple Light Master III (G3) discussion thread (Cheap device for measuring Lux, CCT + CRI)

App for the Light Master 4

It's not using the same App as the Light Master 3 (which was called Light Master Pro) ![opple-smart-lighting-app|240x240](upload://ayiuhUI1R31gWgi5UMg3Xv97cnA.jpeg)
  1. You need to download the Opple Smart Lighting App from the Google Store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opple.eu&hl=en&gl=US&pli=1
  2. Once downloaded, you kind of have to sign up for it to work. Mine didn’t work trying to use it as a guest
  3. You can use this App for Opple Light Master 3 (pro) as well, so you could remove the Light Master Pro App if you want

Please make sure you read this thread before you buy one!
The Opple Master 4 is not yet ready for accurate readings… as of Januaru 2024… hopefully it will be in the near future… keep an eye on this thread!

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And … reserved

August availability, huh? I wonder if the people that recently ordered will be waiting until then for shipment.
The AE page had no indication of that. In fact they say 160 in stock???

That was kind of interesting for sure… But it’s possible that they were referring tot he Dutch market …

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Edit 5/2023:

Note: DO NOT BUY - Wait and see if problems are resolved.

The Opple Lightmaster 4 could give erroneous values in all the important parameters such as CRI, R9, Duv, CCT. Company is trying to correct problems but as of 5/2023 there is no fix.

This is what my email from Opple states:
“We are very excited to report that the Light Master IV(4) has now been released.”

And order from Aliexpress - maybe standard with every order, but:
“This order will ship in 9 days. If not, your refund will be issued automatically.”

Fingers crossed. Sending exciting email for product not available until August would be unnecessary poor form so I hope this baby will be in my hands soon.

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Is this correct.

OPPLE Light Master 4 Light Lux CRI DUV R1-R14 Flicker Meter LED Flashlight Bluetooth IOS Android Tester Tool Lighting Sensor $13.44

You have to select the correct model. The price defaults to the V2 device… Go down to where it syas “color” and select the V4. Th picture will change. AND, the price to $39.65 (US)

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Excellent news for our hobby!
I hope the Opple Light Master 4 is even better than the Light Master 3. :+1:

It’s really odd with all the smart people and engineering power at Opple the web site can’t be changed to say “MODEL” instead of “Color”? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok I’ll send an email.

It is an AE thing with their web design…

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Yep, I was about to say the same thing, but you beat me to the punch. :+1:

Oh I see. I was just checking other Aliex sites and they all have multiple different labels emitter, battery, color.

Yes, but none of those apply to the meter… so they are stuck using “color”… or so I guess.
I have seen other vendors use “color” for things like size of clothes or length of wire…
So an educated guess is that they used the only option they have to allow a selection of models.

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Got it thanks. i thought that was very inexpensive :grin:

I just put in my order for the 4th Gen meter.
People look at me weird for having dozens of flashlights… This will give them something else to talk about, LOL.

I also have a lot of fun with there coupon codes

Is there an actual hardware upgrade here or are they just selling you a new app that allows you to see data that is already there?

The FCC filing for the Light Master IV from February contains detailed internal photos. From these you can see the spectral sensor has been changed to either an AS7343 or AS7341, both of which are a significant upgrade over the original. They still only have a very limited number of measuring points compared to a dedicated spectrophotometer, but it’s definitely a more capable device than the previous version.

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Oops. Yesterday Opple wrote this in a reply to my request:

"Laut unserem Produktmanagement-Team wird der neue Light Master voraussichtlich im August verfügbar sein.

Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt haben wir noch keine weiteren Informationen oder Datenblätter."

That’s what Chibim reported.

Very strange. When I saw that thread about Opple 4 yesterday I ordered one. Today I saw in my AE account that is is already shipped. Myabe Opple 4 will need some certification to be released in EU. For chinese market that it is not problem.