[Optisolis/E17A/E21A] Jetbeam Jet-µ

Thanks Noir, that confirmed my suspicion. It’s good to learn new things. I will use the cooled runtime for base reference then.

- Clemence

I have seen the same thing testing batteries at higher currents. The warmer the battery the better it will perform.
If you run a capacity test on the same cell twice and don’t give the cell a rest after the first test after charging the cell, It’s warm from the test and charge. It will tend to have better performance on the second test with usually less voltage sag and higher current. I have noticed it most with the smaller cell sizes.

In all type of cells, being based on a specific chemistry, benefit from higher temperatures in terms on internal resistance along with capacity because of the faster ion movement permitted by higher temps. Although in terms of current provided, it obviously has its limit because of electrical conductivity dropping with temperature.

So don’t push it say above 40-45C, except for high discharge cells, for good cycle life obviously.

This can be used in a certain way to actually be beneficial though:

When discharging in cold weather, internal resistance is increased. However, heat dissipation is increased. So, as you discharge the cell in colder weather, performance actually gets better :slight_smile:

OK, the prototyping is final. Below are the runtimes for Jetusolis and JetuE21A compared to stock XPE2. All measured in cooled 25° condition to avoid fluctuation in battery capacity as encountered earlier,
I will post the beamshot with alternate optics later.

- Clemence

Those look good to me. Very reasonable compromise in output for the significant improvement in CRI.

Since the 5000K Optisolis uses a 420nm diode, compared to the more conventional 440nm diode in the warmer Optisolis variants, with a consequently higher forward voltage, I’m guessing the warmer versions will consequently run a little bit longer at the same current.

UPDATE181218: Some pics and measurements

- Clemence

When will they be available to order?

Looks nice :+1:

Do you have any 5° TIRs, by any chance?

I’m getting it today

Only up to 10°. At very close range this 10° with its rectangular tight spill already creates some artifacts, the 5° will be worse I guess. The narrow spill is very useful in cases such as mouth or nostril inspection where you don’t want too much glare to the patient. I myself prefer the 20°. The stock optic has bad yellow tint shift ring around the hot spot.

- Clemence

What are the CRI and CCTs of these E21A and Optisolis emitters?

R9080 minimum for the E21A and way higher for the Optisolis. Judging by Maukka’s test results, its currently the highest CRI LED available today.

- Clemence

also check out the detailed info on his site, for example:

Even better than Yuji D50 LEDs??

Thank you!

I have tunnel vision, field of view well under 10°, so I’m always on the lookout for lights that put all the light where I can use it. 10° would still be pretty good, though :slight_smile:


The reflector is H units high, so you can fix an aspheric lens H units above the LED to “zoom” it somewhat.

Problem is finding the right lens…

Ah... indeed..

Dang, i paid good money for a bunch of those Yuji's...

O well.. :)

So will these actually be sold? Looks very interesting.

Yes they are. Supposed to start the production yesterday but I’m still sick right now.

- Clemence

Oh sweet. That’s awesome!
Hope you feel better soon!