Optolife Aspheric lens

Lately I have been dissatisfied with the ”Aspherical” offerings from the usual Chinese suspects. Their 50mm and 75mm lenses had swirls, bubbles, multi-image with rejects running 4 to 1 good. I am into larger color emitters so p60 platform isn't what was needed. Found Optolife. Ordered several lens 50mm, 52mm & 80mm. The 50 and 80 rock for flashlight use. Dimensional and optical quality is first rate. The 50mm (A293) can be order with AR coating. The 80mm (A142) comes just plain Pyrex. I tried to order the 60mm but it was out of stock. Although I haven't tried any MG lenses the Optolife seem to be a good option.

MG= Melles Griot BTW Optolife is a lens company not a flashlight seller any other lens are uncharted territory.

does the 80 have a lip?

Yes lip OD is about 79.75mm ID is roughly 77mm rim is 2.68mm thick.

thanks - off to measure my HF showerhead

I picked up some 3.5" round rod today; If it doesn't fit - we'll MAKE it fit.

The 109LED host's bezel is ~ 77.85 mm at the threads, and ~72.05 mm at the retention ring.

Perfect. If you grind down to the curvature, all the way around, it will be a light press-fit. A ~5mm thick custom o-ring will also be required to maintain water resistance.

hmm, w/ efl 59.5mm, that would put the emitter at the top edge of the switch boot.

but - stacking on a second bezel adds ~24.5mm

which would put the emitter at ~ the same level as the second shelf inside the head.

its nearly perfect, in fact, if I measured correctly, the oring would make it exact.

the first opening for a driver, the second for 2" x .45" copper disc, which would weigh...what...over 200grams?

A pre-collimation lens could shorten the EFL, along with providing a larger projected die size.

I'm probably selling the two 109LED hosts I have, in order to purchase more aluminum, if you need parts.

I trashed one years ago, except bezel and tailcap, so I could actually do it that way w/ what I have now (except the copper!).

I do think I'll end up w/ more lumens OTF w/ precollimation though. I ordered both DX lenses (75 and 78mmm) 6 weeks ago - I've received one 30mm. Ordered from somewhere else, too - lightake maybe? If I get junk from them I'll order this optolife....

Hey willie what surface did you get coated with AR on your optolife lenses

Went with plain A293 & MC. Raymond at Optolife said that the MC2 was for Infrared use and no good for this application.