Opus BT-C3100, can it charge Li-Ion AAA?


I bought these 1.5v Li-Ion AAA batteries on aliexpress.
Does anybody know if I can charge them with my Opus BT-C3100?

Thanks in advance!

No ! Don't even try this , there are special chargers for this kind of Li-Ion batteries . XTAR BC4 is one of these...


How do these types of chargers work? The built-in USB chargers in some 1.5V Li-Ions can obviously read the true voltage of the internal cell but how do external chargers know when to finish if they always read 1.5V?

I wanna know too.

Please enjoy your time here, batterijden!

These kind of cells have internal voltage protection AND voltage (output) conversion.
Your ‘standard’ smart charger relies on sensing the battery voltage and responding appropriately to it. The internal electronics of these cells screw up those capabilities, so they don’t work. I’ve tried it a bunch just to see myself. It may “appear” to work, but it does not do so properly.

Some of these 1.5v li-AA/A have built in USB charging. They are essentially charging at 5v USB, and using the internal circuitry to deal with and finish the charge, much like a lithium powered light with USB charging, except the light is depending on an external-to-the-battery sensor.
Other cells like this have a ‘special charger’ that is simply 5v USB being applied to the cell, generally at special contact points, and allowing the internal circuit to properly charge the cell. Unfortunately there is no sure standard for that I know of.

So, the ‘special charger’ is simply a dumb 5v USB source, but with proprietary contacts.

> Does anybody know if I can charge them with my Opus BT-C3100?

I think yes,
because the charger they sell for your Palo 1.5V Li-ion AAA Rechargeable 900mWh batteries has a 4.2V output, the same as your Opus BT-C3100.

dont be confused by the 1.5V output of the battery, my guess is it does not affect the charge rate, it only converts power output, not input.

I predict no harm in testing your Opus BT-C3100 charger on your Palo 1.5V Li-ion AAA Rechargeable Battery 900mWh.

This is why Lowes and Home Depot only carry Energizer and Duracell.

Agree, no harm in testing. I doubt it will work.
I have that Opus, and over a dozen Tenavolt 1.5v lithium, a similar cell. I tried, it didn’t work.

When you put it in the Opus, it will not charge at 4.2v, or 5.0v for that matter. It will sense/see/test 1.5v, decide it’s a NiXX and charge accordingly, not at lithium voltage.
Even if it did, the internal electronics of the cell would not allow it to go over 1.5v, the Opus does not have an algorithm to deal with the discrepancy, and shut charging off.

To the original poster. If you think these are going to be 900mWh you are going to be seriously disappointed. 900mWh/1.5v=600mAh. I have several of these kind of AAA and they generally don’t exceed 400mAh, and often are only 300-350. That is a VERY poor NiMh AAA. If you don’t NEED 1.5v, don’t bother unless you simply want to try them out.
There simply isn’t room in the can for that amount of cell chemistry + electronics. ALL these sites make claims they usually don’t live up to. Slick advertising, mostly bogus.

thanks for the first hand info… so, OP needs to buy the charger made for his batteries

Just added a last comment.
Yes, IF he wants to go there, he needs the charger. BUT, I think he shouldn’t bother with them unless or NEEDS 1.5v, which is seldom.

Although I don’t own that brand I do have
a set of RC Li-ions (pownergy). While I can understand
why conventional chargers cannot/shouldn’t work with the 1.5v
Li-ion cells I can’t understand why an Amazon customer:
Posts pics of his Opus charger displaying the capacity of his
set apparently after a charging cycle.
I’m using a Zanflare C4 and my set doesn’t work in it.
should I get the Opus and a :
and hope for the best?

Notice up in the top of the display, it says [DISCHARGE].
He did not charge them with the OPUS, he only discharged them. He used whatever was appropriate to charge them.
This test is entirely possible and could be done with any charger with a separate [DISCHARGE] function. Unfortunately your Zanflare does not, it ‘cycles’. You would have to stare at it and catch it when it switches from charged>discharge>charge.

I agree with his general assessment of the Deleepow and Tenavolt. I own both. The Tenavolt are OK, the Deleepow were poor, so poor I complained with digital proof of poor capacity and was given a refund. Very few people actually EVER test the capacity or current draw of a battery, BLF excepted :+1: . Most Amazon reviews of batteries are semi-useless, particularly those for cameras and cell phones as those batteries need special equipment to test properly. You can’t just pop them in a regular ‘can cell’ charger and run a capacity test. Took me awhile and some jury rigging to figure out how to do that. Would not have been able to do it without this group.