OPUS BT-C3100-Stock Fan VS. Top Tier Delta fan

First I want to thank speaker_joe for donating the Delta fans, Dale[DB Custom] for splicing the Delta fans with the proper plug and donating his skill and time. Also HKJ who spent several hours with me Three weeks ago in determining whether the Opus Transistor was capable of handling the wattage of the Delta fan.Without their help and input this thread would NOT exist.

One of problems I was having with a few Opus chargers is during discharge cycle w/ 4 X 18650 3400mAh batteries, the charger would have too many stoppages which was one of the causes that gave inaccurate capacity results. The batteries just could not stay cool enough and when that happens the charger automatically stops until they get below 40C/104F.

I know this[STOPPAGES] is mentioned in the manual. I also believe they are a DIRECT result of the inaccuracies of the capacity[mAh] readings. This simple test seems to Verify that.There was no doubt in my mind that a better quality fan would remedy this problem.

This test is with the EXACT same charger using the stock fan VS. my Top Tier Delta fan.Also the EXACT same batteries. That alone makes it pretty easy to come to a conclusion of which fan is better and how each fan affects the Capacity results.

I am testing Three sets of 18650 batteries that were tested within a week of each other,some the same day.

The batteries are: 4 X 30Q BT,4 X KP 18650 3400mAh and 4 X Orbtronic 18650 3400mAh. I have NO plans of using the old fan so these are the only comparison tests that I have.

For the Stock fan tests of the ORBTRONIC and KeepPower I only have written stats.


Specs. for fans: DELTA: 25mm X 25mm X 10mm——————-ADDA:25mm X 25mm X 09mm. The only difference is 1mm in depth.

Stock[ADDA] fan- 5v/0.13a/0.65W

Delta fan- 12V/0.12A/1.44W


Plug difference: STOCK[Adda] on Left/Delta on right

DELTA Fan after being Professionally spliced by Dale.

Picture I took of the Transistor[1AMH]behind the fan plug that helped HKJ determine if the OPUS was able to handle the wattage of the Delta fan[1.44W]

To my happiness, HKJ Confirmed the Delta fan was safe to use!

HKJ: “It can handle a bit above 2W at 12V”.———————— My Delta is 1.44W at 12V :+1:

The DELTA fan has more depth, no grooves to fit in slot and when the cover is tightened the top protrudes slightly,no biggie,works like a charm!

Batteries: 4 X 30Q BT/10 Cycles
Time to Discharge:3H7M
4 slot median:3009mAh
HKJ[1A] Discharge=2884mAh


Batteries: 4 X 30Q BT/10 Cycles
Time to Discharge:2H54M
4 slot median:2890mAh
HKJ[1A] Discharge=2884mAh

My median is Only 6mAh off of HKJ.



Batteries: 4 X Orbtronic 18650 3400mAh/cycles:465.
Purchased 12.21.2012
Time to Discharge:3H35M
4 slot median:2959mAh
HKJ[1A] Discharge=3162mAh w/ NCR18650B Panny cell which the Orbtronic uses. Not exact but an idea

1-3010mAh, 2-2976mAh, 3-2951mAh, 4-2901mAh


Batteries: 4 X Orbtronic 18650 3400mAh/cycles:465. Purchased 12.21.2012
Time to Discharge:2H54M
4 slot median:2870mAh
HKJ[1A] Discharge=3162mAh w/ NCR18650B Panny cell which the Orbtronic uses. Not exact but an idea.


Batteries: 4 X K’Power 18650 3400mAh/cycles:170
Time to Discharge:3H29m
4 slot median:3208mAh
HKJ[1A] Discharge=3211mAh

1-3010mAh, 2-2976mAh, 3-2951mAh, 4-2901mAh


Batteries: 4 X K’Power 18650 3400mAh/cycles:170

Time to Discharge:3H06m
4 slot median:3087mAh
HKJ[1A] Discharge=3211mAh

All Three of the tests using my Delta fan are closer to specs. than the STOCK fan. For the Keeppower and Orbtronic the age/cycle count must be considered to determine the accuracy of the tests.

The STOCK fan gave higher numbers for ALL Three tests.If you look at the Discharge times, the STOCK[Adda] fan took Longer in all Three tests and its mAh numbers were higher and further away from specs. There seems to be a correlation with that.

I enjoyed doing these simple yet helpful tests. I hope someone else may find this to be of benefit to them.

I am VERY happy with the Delta fans and now its time to celebrate my 57th Birthday w/ friends and family. :partying_face:

I forgot to mention this is the BT-C3100 2.2 Version.

Pretty cool how much of an increase in performance you get with more efficient cooling! :+1:


Thanks for the input

Yes,It certainly indicates that.

I thought of this last night when I was walking CAPO.

The 30Q’s are basically new and it is pretty clear to see how much closer to HKJ the “Delta” fan[median of 2890mAh] is compared to stock[median of 3009mAh].HKJ’S reading is 2884mAh.

The Orbtronic and KeepPower are older batteries so it makes it a little harder to prove it. However, by looking at the numbers it certainly appears that the Stock fans numbers would be higher and more inaccurate in comparison to HKJ’s test.


Stock fan = 3208mAh
Delta fan=3087mAh

Almost 2.5 years old and 170 cycles it is very, very unlikely its capacity at that point would be 3208mAh[Stock] which is only 3mAh below HKJ’S numbers.

The Deltas 3087mAh certainly seems more realistic.


HKJ=3162mAh w/ the panny “B” cell. Same cell in Orbtronic.

Again, with a batteries 4.5 years old and 465 cycles you would think that the Delta’s numbers are more realistic.

I think it would be very, very unlikely that only 150mAh capacity[Stock fans numbers] was lost over that time period with that much use.

To me this is NOT rocket science although some insist to treat it as such. To me it is fun and I see better results w/ my Delta fan and that is all that matters. :wink:

A few other things.

When I first plugged in the Delta fan I knew it was going to work much better. Two of my senses told me that.

Hearing- The sound was a bit louder,more RPM’S and its ability to move air[CFM]

Touch-I could feel such a difference in the air that was being expelled by the fan [CFM]. Much, much improved over stock fan.

There has been some discrepancy and confusion about the dimensions of the Opus stock fan. Primarily the depth/height.

My friend is a mechanic and is going to let me use his micrometer,if he can find it. The one at work is only used for measuring rotors and would not be big enough.

Henry Xu is baffled how I got the Delta fan in!

Here are the specs. of my DELTA FAN
Nominal voltage : 12 V
Current : 0.12 A
Operating voltage range : 4 - 12 V
Fan speed : 13,000 RPM
Performance : 2.4 CFM
Noise : 28 dBa
Size : 25 x 25 x 10 mm without heatsink

Until the dimensions are verified I can not confirm the specs/diameter of the Opus Stock fan[Adda].


What impact do these results have on your CPF test results for your original Opus? I do not know. I can ONLY compare Apples to Apples which is what this test was.

The PRINCE[new name for my present OPUS] definitely has more accurate readings than the First Opus. In fact, The PRINCE was slightly better than KING OPUS on One of the Three tests I did on this thread. The other Two They are basically equal. It is hard to tell because they are older batteries and you can not use the NEW battery specs. to tell which one is closer.

Recall some of those were up to 15% higher than HKJs results. Did it have the original fan? Yes

Was it pausing? I am NOT 100% sure. I did not watch the first OPUS one as much.

How would the Delta fans have affected the results? I would think the results would be better

Would the original be better or worse with the Delta? (I don’t recall the details).No way to tell. The original is gone. I would say the results would be more accurate to specs/HKJ.

4 slot Median mAh below for the King and the Prince


KeepPower results:

King Opus-4 slot Median-3031mAh-5V ADDA-STOCK]

Prince Opus- '' ' ' ' -3087mAh[DELTA FAN]


Orbtronic results:

King Opus-4 slot Median-2918mAh

Prince Opus- " " " "-2870mAh

HKJ- 3162mAh w/ the same[NCR18650B] Panny cell that is in Orbtronic

30Q results

King Opus-4 slot median-2910mAh

Prince Opus-" " " "-2890mAh


good choice.
i have seen so many adda fans bad in stuff that we call them “death adda”
only downside to a fan that moves more air is a bit more noise.
i had a fan cooled charger that still ran too hot.
the traces were too small to serve as an effective heatsink.
so i soldered short lengths of copper tubing over them.right to the drain tabs.
might be another trick to do to these chargers.

Thanks,I had some people along the way make the Delta fan come to fruition!

Us Flashaholics are a little different! I actually enjoy listening to the power of that fan! It is like a hair dryer on low! Yet it is not much louder than the stock fan.

Between the Lite-on SMPS, its accessories and the Delta fan[Shipping to and fro and extra fans for the plug], my Opus is worth about $75/$80! The fan was donated and so was Dales work. A lot of generous people.

I hope Dale is feeling better, he got a serious neck operation on June 1st.

i will wait untill my opus fan died out so i can replace it with this delta fan

ok,why wait?! lol!

I guess if your fan is doing the job and your satisfied you may as well wait.

I am not sure where you live? S.E.A.? South East Asia? South East Alabama?!

Here are Two Ebay links when you want one.

First is speaker_joe in USA who gave me my fan.


Then an Ebay dealer in China:


My good buddy Jon who is Owner of Liionwholesale was kept abreast of my “Delta Destroyer Transplant Project”!He was very impressed with the results. He asked me where I got the fans and I directed him to speaker_joes Ebay link.He ordered Six for his in house chargers. I would think he will find improvement although he still has the STOCK Power Supplies.

On a side note. I have been corresponding with Henry Xu from Opus for about 3 weeks or so. Wednesday or Thursday I will post some pertinent information regarding the “Newly Designed Opus” that is due out in several months.

Good info Wolfdog & congrats on the sucessful fan transplant. :+1: . Any chance we could get a few close up shots of it in the charger?
You have stuck with this & seen it thru… congrats.
Looking forward to that info on the new OPUS they are coming out with in the future too. :+1:

I am fortunate the LiteOn Power supply seems to have solved the problem I was having. :slight_smile:

But following your lead, I have named my OPUS also. I have dubbed it with the title of…… Budro Tibido “Boo-Yah” OPUS.

For short, I shall refer to him as Boo-Yah; cause after the new power supply he is young & tough again. :wink:

Much like the little dude below……

Wolfdog—- Glad to see you are all fixed up—I know you were struggling with the fails,resets,etc—- The fan looks great from what I can see
Not to be left out—- Since I’ve never had none of these problems with my 3400 and it seems very close with it’s results—I decided to give him a name also- Being from the South I think Robert E Opus is a fitting name—- Jurys still out on the 3100

I have a close up picture in the OP. I could make it bigger and ad one straight on.

Cool,we can ALL have names for our Opus’s! :+1:

This is the best possible picture in my opinion.I enlarged as much as I could[100].The OP version was 85 iirc.

It is clear and you get to see how much it protrudes. Not really that much in real life.

Picture from front.

Notice the label is side ways? I did that on purpose because the wires lay better and are on the center of the board[not getting pinched] at 7 O’clock VS at 4:30! :wink:

The cover was pinching the wires a bit when installed at 4:30.

Right, I’ve seen that one. I was just hoping for a different angle close up. It looks real good from what I can see too. The slight gap in the case probably helps in air flow to wouldn’t you think?

Interesting stuff :+1:

OK, thank you. I see you posted pics while I was typing. :slight_smile:

yaaa, the little gap can not hurt,a little extra ventilation is good

The reason there is a gap is because I did not want to strip the screws like I did w/ King Opus! Also,It is not a perfect fit so once it starting getting tight enough I stopped tightening.

EDIT: The screws were not stripped. The fiberglass board[holes] got stripped.