Orange Flashlights

Strange request but here it is anyway!
I have an interest in orange flashlights; for a gift.
If you have a link to one, please list it.

Thanks for your time!

orange S2+ flashlight, with XPL HI led inside and ar-coated glass,biscotti firmware

L3 Illumination L10 4 mode, twisty AA.

I like mine, but they’re not as popular as they once were.

L3 Illumination L10


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I have 117 orange lights in my database: Parametrek Flashlights

A classic eBay beauty (but overpriced) HERE:

The only orange light I own, is the Convoy S2+ listed above by Chris (a good choice).

Pantone: PMS 173 C is VaT.
does it need to be exact?


Bunch of them on Amazon. The Infinistar 700 in orange is pretty nice. I have one. Folomov makes it I believe.

Orange,Cyan or Purple Convoy S2+ is $10.80 after using Code BG2020S2

Really liking the Infinistar 700 !
Thanks for the suggestions !

Amazon doesn't show much information about the Infinistar 700

Which LED choices only the one,available modes,temperature regulation....anything?

To me it looks like another Convoy S2+ clone and very overpriced.

Some of that info can be found here:

Fwiw, you can get the orange S2+ with a shorty tube (for an 18350), too.

It’s nothing like a S2. It’s small compared to a S2. It’s 17mm shorter than a S2. Overpriced is subjective really. If you are buying S2’s then I guess you could consider it expensive but, it isn’t a S2+.

Ok,17mm shorter than S2+.

If you bought it there's nothing wrong with that but if you're recommending it to someone else what are they going to get for their $36 that they won't get with a light that's half the price?

The S2+ has lots of parts available to mod it.

I think you might be missing the OP’s question. He didn’t ask for S2+ like flashlights or flashlights that were certain prices in comparison to a S2+. He was just looking for orange flashlights. What value someone sees in a flashlight is entirely up to them. The man wanted orange lights. What he is going to get out of it is his business. $16 or $36 should matter little to us. He gets what he wants.

I assume you are quite the S2+ fan. That’s great. I have several all in different configurations. They are good for what they are but they aren’t the be all end all of 18650 tube lights. They are just a choice in a very long list of options. Options we have plenty of. All different shapes, sizes, features and prices. A tube light will always have all the limitations a tube light has. Regardless of the amount of parts available for modding, the tube format in general, not just S2+’s, are still limited in what they can and cannot become. Same can be said for any format of light.

Just because a S2+ comes in orange doesn’t mean it’s the only one someone needs. I have more than my fair share of copper lights. I didn’t stop at the first one and compare all others to it.

I agree with you 100%.

The focus should be on factory orange flashlights and not those that are rattle canned, or those that some people might think are best to them.


Here is the orange Olight Seeker 2 Pro, for sale on Ebay. Orange Seeker 2 Pro

I bought one on their Olight “flash” sale.
They are sold out at Olight.