OrcaTorch D520 REVIEW

Hello friends,

We`re back with the review of the OrcaTorch D520, which is a small sized yet powerfull light, if you then consider the weight of only 114g dry/no batts it is a really good option for back-up or casual use light which fits perfectlly in to you BC`s pocket and doesn`t obstruct you when teaching or handling with gear like for example a camera.

It features only one mode, which is very simple yet effective. The rotary switch reduces the risk of failure and makes it smaller/lighter. In therms of pricing it is very well defined If you consider it includes battery and charger as well as a 12month warantty.

It runs an 18650 li-ion battery, the included one is rated at 2600mAh, although they also offer the 3000/3400mAh variants depending on the retailer. Click here to check the runtime test on both the 2600 and the 3400mAh batteries.
Both the contacts on the driver as the positive battery pole is gold-plated.

The thread is very well cut and has a perfect anodizing on it. Featuring 3-orings it is well protected against leakage.
Looking from the front the beautifull smooth reflector and the cree Xm-l2 give us a sense of thrust and confort, If you notice it, you can see that the Led`s tint is diferent, this is because the Color Temperature is much Warmer then on most other light in this class. I actully like this a lot as it seems more confortable to see for my eyes, and everything looks better. (there is a reason why we use 2500-4000kelvin lights in living rooms and bedrooms, they just give us a feeling of relaxation, confort…)
The angle of light is well focused yet wide enough for my personall confort. Click here to see the complete video with underwater demonstration of beam and color temperature.

The switch is a “twisty” or a simple rotating body switch, If you close it all the way it activetes, only one mode is available as defined previouslly. I highlly recommend not to switch it too often during the dive, the ideal would be switch on before going in and only turning it off after getting out of the water, of course if you turn it some times Its not an issue, just ensure the o-rings are well maintained and greased and you`r good to go!
The light offers an overheating dimming and eventual shut down function in case it overheats. This is a great function in case you accidentally switch or leave it on while it is dry.
The thread is very well cut and has a perfect anodizing on it. Featuring 3-orings it is well protected against leakage.

The package includes the light, an 18650 battery (2600mAh), an 0.5A charger also compatible with 26650`s, wrist-strap and an user manual as well as a Warranty card.
In conclusion it`s a great quality affordable light, including all the parts you need to opperate it. (I do recomend getting a bit of silicon grease to maintain the O-rings properlly)
A great looking package is offered and the size to power relation is just great! Also 4 color options are available, black, silver, blue and red.

Review Video:
Runtime Test:

I apreciate the time spent reading this and hope it was helpfull
Wishing you always good and safe adventures

NOTE: this is neither an comercial nore an payed endorsement of the related company, You read my real personal opinion about the item in question.

Thanks for the nice review, Mark. I’m not a diver so I can not appreciate all the details, but I still enjoyed reading it.

Well its never too late to start diving, But thanks a lot for the honest feedback, its nice to hear you enjoy my work.
If you want you can also watch the video review on youtube and subscribe to not miss all the other non-diving videos! (including vlogs :smiley: )

^:) Pretty good review, Mark, thank you so much to share with us your real experience :THUMBS-UP:

Thank you, very helpful, especially the runtime time lapse.

Good review!!!